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The Time Capsule Conspiracy

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Mzeusia is not a nation where conspiracy theorists will find fertile ground. Mzeusian people are known as some of the most intelligent in the world, and their common sense, if you want to make a distinction, does not lack far behind. That being said, there does exist a very fringe section of Mzeusian society who does genuinely believe certain conspiracy theories. They are not to be confused with those who proclaim to believe those theories, but do so in joking manner. Those type of people are remarkably common. Perhaps the most widely believed conspiracy theory is The Time Capsule Conspiracy. This document will now seek to outline what this conspiracy theory is, and how it took hold in the small community that has accepted it.

The Time Capsule Conspiracy revolves around the idea that we are all being recorded, all around the world. Who is recording us? Some secret elite of course. How long have they been doing this? That depends on who you ask. Some Time Capsuleers, as they are called, say this has been going on for nearly a century, others say in the last forty years, and yet more say in the last five or so.

If you speak to a Time Capsuleer, they will tell you that everything is being recorded. Videos are being downloaded and stored, books are too, even that diary you write in every night and lock away in your bedside table is not free from being recorded. Somewhere, they say, exists a copy of your diary, and when you update it, it is updated. Even those boring legal documents and tax codes are being recorded, because behind all this recording lies a fanatical zeal that is not matched by any other fundamentalist anywhere in the world.

The elites, so the story goes, know that human civilisation will end, but one day, an intelligent enough species, or maybe the remnants of humanity, will rebuild. When they do, they will find the records that are being made, and they will know absolutely everything about humanity that we ourselves ever did know. In this way, humanity will have cheated death, and it is this fear of extinction and being forgotten by the outside world, that the elite, or the Recorders, as those in the know will correct you, seek to overcome.

The activities of the Time Capsuleers have been rather scarce. Though they hold strange beliefs, they do not call them out loudly in public. They prefer to meet in rural Mzeusia and discuss their commonly held belief and their lives and lack of diaries and Whotube channels. A few ex-Time Capsuleers have come forth and provided some details. They say that the movement is neither growing nor shrinking, instead maintaining a net zero movement amongst them.

As one might expect, if they gave it some thought, the Time Capsuleers hate libraries as institutions of storing books, becoming miniature, amateur versions of the Recorders. The one organisation that is hated the most, is The Mzeusian Library for it is seen as the ultimate library, even rivalling the Seven Great Libraries of the Mzeusian Empire, thousands of years ago. To read any work from the Mzeusian Library, means excommunication from the group.

I hope you found this document interesting.