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Alstroemerian Commonwealths' Statement on Force

Alstroemeria's Foreign Interests,

Alstroemeria wishes no association with those with particularly egregious IC and OOC conduct. Effective today, Alstroemeria will be closing the embassy with Force.

Through the government's participation with The East Pacific, the Free Nations Region, the Kingdom of Great Britain, and up until now Force, we were attempting to create a shared interregional culture and source of festivities with the Consortium. Unfortunately, in light of the events of the refounding of The Socialist Syndicalist Union (TSSU) by the Force Union Armed Forces (UAF), and the gross mishandling of the situation following, Consortium and Alstroemeria have began to receive questions about our soon-to-have-been ally. Particularly why we still stand for, in particular, such behavior of the Founder Renegalle in representing and explaining the actions of his government.

Alstroemeria would like to note that the reason for cutting relations is primarily due to the Out-of-Character comments and actions by Force's Founder and government, rather than the primarily In-Character situation (that has mostly been resolved). While we recognize Force's efforts to clarify the situation, we simply do not feel comfortable with holding relations with the Union at the present time.

Further information is available by request. We have also attached The East Pacific's Statement on Force, an inspiration to ours as a fellow Consortium member, which has further information as well.