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Regional Message Board Rules

Master Dispatch RMB Rules

Regional Message Board Rules
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1. Do not violate NationStates rules.

All RMB comments we suspect of violating NationStates rules will be immediately suppressed and reported. Entropy's dedication to spreading chaos throughout NationStates stops at the line of rule breaking, and we expect our residents to follow game rules when posting on the RMB.

2. Be respectful of your fellow residents.

We won't tolerate flaming, baiting, trolling, harassment, etc. on the RMB, and we won't necessarily use the same threshold for determining whether this is occurring as NationStates moderation does. We may have higher standards. Be aware of that, and always respect your fellow residents!

3. Do not multi-post.

Multi-posting, which means posting more than once before someone else posts, is disruptive to the conversational flow of the RMB. There is an edit button that allows you to edit your posts if you forgot to say something. This can be a very annoying disruption so please be mindful not to do it.

4. Contain lengthy posts and snip lengthy quotes.

Walls of text can also be disruptive to the flow of conversation, so please use spoiler tags to contain lengthy posts, defined as more than one paragraph of text. Quotes that are lengthy should also be replaced with <snip> -- anyone can go back and see what the quote said by clicking the link back to it.

5. Remember we're a primarily English speaking community.

We welcome residents for whom English isn't their first language, but please be mindful it's the first language of most of our residents. RMB posts should be in English or, if you're posting something that isn't in English, please provide a translation. This is your responsibility and no one else's!

Enforcement of these rules will be based on the gravity of a violation and whether an individual has repeatedly violated the rules. Most minor violations will be met with a suppression and a request to correct the violation, after which the post will be unsuppressed. Serious or repeat violations will meet with more serious consequences, up to and including temporary or permanent ejection and ban from the region. We are unlikely to revisit a decision to permanently ban.

Any Regional Officer with Communications authority may enforce these rules through suppression and warnings. Any Regional Officer with Border Control may enforce these rules with ejections or temporary bans, though permanent bans must be authorized by the Chaos King, Cormactopia Prime.

We will not tolerate rules lawyering! You are bound by these rules, but Regional Officers aren't barred from preventing disruptions that aren't covered by these rules. Listen to what Regional Officers are saying and don't try to argue with them about enforcement of RMB standards. Full stop.

If you attempt to evade rules enforcement with puppets and are caught, you will be permanently ejected and banned.

We would like to thank Thalassia and the West Pacific for the thorough rulesets from which some of these rules were derived.