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Embassy Guidelines


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[font=georgia][color=#D4A249][size=175]Embassy Guidelines[/size][/color]
[size=125][url=#Anchor1][color=#552D53]Guidelines[/color][/url] | [url=#Anchor2][color=#552D53]Exemptions[/color][/url] | [url=#Anchor3][color=#552D53]Benefits[/color][/url] | [url=#Anchor4][color=#552D53]FAQ[/color][/url][/size][/font][/center]

[box][center][font=georgia][anchor=Anchor1][size=150][color=#D4A249]Guidelines[/color][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr][font=georgia]Before requesting a gameside embassy with Entropy, your region should meet the following guidelines:

[b][color=#552D53]1.[/color][/b] Your region should not be a fascist or blacklisted region or have embassies with any such regions.
[b][color=#552D53]2.[/color][/b] Your region should not be a puppet dump, irrespective of whether you're using the puppet storage tag.
[b][color=#552D53]3.[/color][/b] Your region should not be an embassy collector region.
[b][color=#552D53]4.[/color][/b] Your region should have a population of 50 or more nations.
[b][color=#552D53]5.[/color][/b] Your region must have a Discord server and be willing to allow a diplomat from Entropy there.

Please be aware that these are just our base guidelines to prevent automatic rejection of an embassy request. Given the concrete benefits regions stand to gain from an embassy with Entropy -- including recruitment, diplomatic, and military non-aggression commitments detailed below -- the Chaotic Council will still vote on each embassy request compliant with these guidelines to determine whether the requesting region is diplomatically compatible with Entropy.

Entropy reserves the right to close an embassy for any reason and without prior notice.[/font][/box]

[box][center][font=georgia][anchor=Anchor2][size=150][color=#D4A249]Exemptions[/color][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr][font=georgia]We may be willing to grant exemptions to these guidelines on a case by case basis, e.g., for a region that is highly organized without a Discord server, a region with an intentionally small population that may still be compatible with Entropy, etc.

Please contact [nation]Cormactopia Prime[/nation] or [nation]McManniaa Whitehall[/nation] [b][i][u]before[/u][/i][/b] requesting a gameside embassy to seek an exemption from our guidelines.

If we have requested an embassy with your region and you don't meet these guidelines, we've already exempted you from them.[/font][/box]

[box][center][font=georgia][anchor=Anchor3][size=150][color=#D4A249]Benefits[/color][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr][font=georgia]Entropy takes the establishment of embassies to be a sign of diplomatic friendship between regions and a base level commitment to non-aggression, treating embassies far more seriously than embassy collector regions and others who accumulate a large number of random embassies. As a result, this is what any region that establishes an embassy with Entropy stands to gain from our diplomatic relationship:

[color=#552D53][b][/b][/color] You'll have the opportunity to deepen diplomatic ties with a region that has clear foreign policy objectives. Please see our [url=]principles[/url] for more details.
[color=#552D53][b][/b][/color] Residents of your region will have a standing invitation to communicate with us via our Regional Message Board, provided they abide by our [url=]rules[/url].
[color=#552D53][b][/b][/color] Your region will be exempt from our manual recruitment efforts to recruit nations that move regions or are admitted to the World Assembly.
[color=#552D53][b][/b][/color] You'll be guaranteed our Delegate's vote against any [i][u]undesired[/u][/i] Security Council condemnation or commendation of your region.
[color=#552D53][b][/b][/color] Your region will be protected against invasion by the Agents of Chaos, as we neither invade nor provide support for the invasion of our embassy regions.[/font][/box]

[box][center][font=georgia][anchor=Anchor4][size=150][color=#D4A249]FAQ[/color][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr][font=georgia][b][color=#552D53]1. How do I obtain diplomat masking on Entropy's server?[/color][/b]

Just request it in our #custodial-services channel, and please note which region you are representing when you request the masking. Please note diplomat masking must be approved by the Chaos King or Foreign Councillor so there may be a slight delay depending on availability.

[b][color=#552D53]2. Is an embassy required for diplomat masking?[/color][/b]

No. We're happy to have diplomats from other regions if we don't have an embassy, either because Entropy does not yet meet their embassy requirements, they only establish embassies with allied regions, they don't establish embassies at all, or some other reason. Embassies are a great way to promote friendship and cooperation between regions, but they aren't the only way, and we're happy to keep diplomatic channels open with regions that have different policies.

[b][color=#552D53]3. Is a diplomat on Entropy's Discord server required for an embassy?[/color][/b]

No. We welcome diplomats from other regions but we're fine with communicating by telegram or via the RMB if you'd prefer.

[b][color=#552D53]4. Where should diplomatic communication be posted?[/color][/b]

Links to foreign updates and other general diplomatic communication may be posted on our RMB, in the #foreign-updates channel of our Discord server, or both. Please only post links to dispatches or forum posts, not the full text of the updates. Diplomatic communication directed exclusively at Entropy, especially if contentious in nature, should either be privately communicated to the Chaos King or Foreign Councillor or posted in our Gameplay embassy, [url=]here[/url].[/font][/box]

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