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About Entropy

Master Dispatch About Entropy

Founded on February 18, 2021, the formative first 100 day period of Entropy was shaped by the Entropy Project. The project was a unique experiment in region-building in which the original Founder of the region, Kothica, served merely as a Regent and pledged to turn over the Founder nation to whoever held the World Assembly Delegacy at the close of the 100 day period. The rules of the Entropy Project were simple: There weren't any, beyond normal out-of-character rules. It was up to the nations of the region to figure out exactly how they would come out on top on that 100th day, and it was entirely possible an invading force would swoop in at the last minute and claim Entropy for themselves. This is why Entropy is said to have been forged in the purifying fire of 100 days of chaos.

The 100th day came to an end at the game's major update after midnight eastern time on May 30, 2021. Aided by the vast majority of residents who had called Entropy home for 100 days, as well as a quickly pieced together coalition from many regions, Cormactopia Prime was able to hold onto the Delegacy he had obtained just days earlier and become the new Founder of Entropy. This coalition faced a serious challenge in the form of an invading force led by heavyweight gameplay regions Europeia, Thaecia, The East Pacific, and The North Pacific, but in the end a new Chaos King was crowned and the forces of two Feeders and two of the most powerful user-created regions in the game were vanquished. This unlikely triumph marked the start of a new and exciting chapter for Entropy.

With the Entropy Project now concluded, the region is governed by the Chaotic Dominion of Entropy, led by the Chaos King and his chosen Chaotic Council. Entropy's focus has shifted from chaos within to opposing stagnation and the established world order throughout NationStates. Our mission is shaped by three core principles that will shape the coming age of Entropy, which you'll find articulated and explained below.

Catch a glimpse of the first 100 days in the Entropy Chronicles.

National Sovereignty: Entropy stands for national sovereignty, the right of our resident nations to self-determination rather than being shaped by the whims of the World Assembly. Entropy stands opposed to most resolutions proposed in the WA's General Assembly, with repeals and resolutions designed to block future GA legislation being the only exceptions. We aim to oppose the passage of GA resolutions that would undermine national sovereignty through a combination of direct counter-campaigning to WA nations, diplomacy with other regions, and the use of force to prevent such proposals from reaching a vote whenever practical. We are unabashedly about pursuing what's best for our residents, though there are many who share our views throughout NationStates.

Independence: Entropy believes in regional independence in the most classical sense, the right and obligation of each region to pursue diplomatic and military policy according to its own interests and without regard to ideological considerations such as defender, raider, or other such principles. Though we identify as independent, we have little to no common cause with the "independents" subscribed to the so-called "Independent Manifesto," which in reality seeks to bring regions under the hegemony of entrenched elites in a handful of regions. Instead, Entropy seeks to make its own mark and shake up the dull status quo those regions cling to for power, and we're willing to either invade or defend other regions in pursuit of our interests, as circumstances call for it.

UCR Identity: Entropy is proud to be a user-created region (UCR) as part of our core identity. This is an era in NationStates which has been marked by the dominance of the five Feeder regions, also known as the Pacifics. This era has led to an unprecedented stagnation in which more and more power has been consolidated in the hands of a few Feederites, resulting in most UCRs except the Feeders' largest and most powerful allies being largely frozen out of international decision making. Entropy seeks an end to that imbalanced and frankly boring status quo. We stand in solidarity with other like-minded UCRs to build a world in which our regions wield power and influence proportionate to the numbers and effort we contribute to NationStates. We are, of course, open to working with like-minded Feeders, Sinkers, and Warzones that would like to see a more dynamic and fair global exchange, provided we are treated as partners, not vassals.

Entropy is governed by a meritocratic democracy headed by the Chaos King and managed by the Chaotic Council. Entropy's system of government is designed with simplicity and common sense in mind; we want to spend more time doing things, not deciding how we're going to do them. Ultimate and final authority over all regional matters rests with the Chaos King, but is typically expressed through decisions jointly made by the Chaotic Council.

You will find the current Chaotic Council listed on the region's World Factbook Entry.

Each Councillor is also assigned an executive portfolio to manage, with various responsibilities to ensure Entropy is well governed, firing on all cylinders, and is a fun environment with plenty for its residents to do. But they can't do it alone! We encourage all of our residents to get involved in executive departments and help build up the region. A region is more than the people at the top of its government, and no region can be successful without all of its residents actively participating and enjoying what the region has to offer. We hope you'll join us on our LinkDiscord server and let us know you'd like to get involved! In a meritocratic democracy such as ours, involvement is what will get you further, and if you're dedicated enough to Entropy one day you too could be on the Chaotic Council.

The Church of Chaos is the oldest body in Entropy, dating back to the very first day of the Entropy Project. It was founded by the first High Priest, Raxion, who was recognized as a Prophet after the end of the project. It was built without a clear direction in mind -- just like the project itself -- but with the clear goal of providing a cultural foundation for the community. It quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the region on the back of Raxion's many efforts to enshrine religious law into the constitution that existed at the time. By the time the 100th day concluded, the church had grown to a multi-tiered organization that had performed coronations and excommunications as well as proclaimed saints, heretics, (and a messiah or two).

Under the Chaotic Dominion of Entropy, the church has transitioned into a cultural fixture which seeks to document and exalt the history of the Entropy Project. The cult acts as the beating heart and soul of the ruckus, the foundation upon which the culture of eternal chaos operates. Anyone can become an acolyte and work their way up the ranks of the clergy, perhaps even supplanting the High Priest. Use whatever means work for you...after all, the current High Priest installed themselves through deception and trickery. There are many paths to salvation, it is up to you to choose which one to follow.