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URA Recommendation: Vote FOR "Prohibition Of Unwarranted Digital Surveillance"

[center][img][/img][/center][hr][center][size=200][font=Courier New][b]URA World Assembly Recommendation[/b][/font][/size][/center][hr]
[center][size=300][color=#00bacf][b]Prohibition Of Unwarranted Digital Surveillance[/b][/color][/size]
[spoiler=[size=200][font=Verdana][b][i]READ THE PROPOSAL[/i][/b][/font][/size]][box][align=left][font=Georgia][size=120]The General Assembly,

Acknowledging that the specific targeting of private digital communications pertaining to certain individuals may be justified in the interest of protecting the general public from criminal acts,

Noting, however, that the practice of carrying out digital surveillance without the use of warrants, especially in cases of mass digital surveillance, has not been demonstrated to prevent acts of terrorism or other unlawful activities to any meaningful degree,

Aware that data collected from unwarranted digital surveillance is at risk of being accessed or stolen by unauthorized entities, with such data collection thus posing a risk to the integrity of private communications and data, 

Seeking to preserve the guarantee to personal privacy and prevent violations of civil liberties,


[list=1][*]Defines for the purposes of this resolution: 
[list=a][*]"digital surveillance" as the collection or monitoring of digital communications through mediums that are ostensibly private,
[*]"warrant" as an authorization issued by a court of law for the purposes of carrying out digital surveillance, and
[*]"unwarranted digital surveillance" as any digital surveillance that lacks authorization via a warrant, where the warrantless carrying out of digital surveillance is not necessary to prevent imminent serious injury or death to one or more persons.[/list]

[*]Prohibits member states from:
[list=a][*]carrying out unwarranted digital surveillance,
[*]using the services of private entities or foreign governments to carry out unwarranted digital surveillance in their jurisdiction, or
[*]using data gathered for non-prosecutorial or non-spying purposes for prosecutorial or spying purposes without a warrant.[/list]

[*]Clarifies that: 
[list=a][*]the particular suspicion of unlawful activities needed to perform digital surveillance shall not be primarily based on an individual's religion, sexuality, race, nationality, gender identity, or any other arbitrary, reductive categorization and that
[*]the following does not constitute "unwarranted digital surveillance":
[list=i][*]the use of closed-circuit television cameras for surveillance purposes,
[*]the voluntary acquisition of data by a police informant without authorization from a warrant, 
[*]the acquisition of data accessible in the public sphere, or
[*]the digital surveillance of foreign government entities and/or foreign entities that pose an active threat to national security.[/list][/list]

[*]Affirms that the General Assembly may collectively act to further restrict surveillance operations in future legislation.[/list][/size][/font][/align][/box][/spoiler]

[size=120]This General Assembly resolution was written by [nation]Greater Cesnica[/nation] to improve privacy rights. You can find the drafting thread on the forums [url=]here.[/url][/size][/center]
[box][center][size=200][color=#00bacf][b]The United Regions Alliance recommends that you vote [/color][color=#2fc657][u]FOR[/u][/color] [color=#00bacf]the resolution[/b][/color][/size][/center][hr]

[size=120]This resolution prohibits member states from carrying out unwarranted digital surveillance (or contracting the surveillance out to third party actors), with an exception for surveillance necessary to prevent "imminent serious injury or death." Furthermore, those wishing to perform warranted surveillance cannot do so based on arbitrary or reductive categorization. The Alliance recognizes the importance of privacy in an increasingly digital society, and therefore supports the actions taken by this resolution to reduce government surveillance not based on need.[/size]


[size=120]There were no comments in favour of or in opposition to this resolution during the internal discussion and vote on the [url=]URA Discord server[/url].


[box][center][size=200][color=#00bacf][b]Internal voting results[/b][/color][/size][/center][hr][size=130]
[floatright]Turnout: 16/30 members
Weighted turnout: 85.44%[/floatright][/size]
[floatleft][spoiler=[color=#2fc657][font=Verdana][size=175][b]AYES: 54.64%[/b][/size][/font][/color]][box]
[*][region]Union of Allied States[/region]
[*][region]The DankLeft Commune[/region]
[*][region]Mariner Trench[/region]
[*][region]The Great Experiment[/region]
[spoiler=[color=#ea4335][size=175]NAYS: 28.96%[/size][/color]][box]
[list][*][region]Lands End[/region]
[*][region]Conch Kingdom[/region]
[spoiler=[size=175]ABSTENTIONS: 1.83%[/size]][box]

[hr][size=75][i]This document was authored by [nation]Scalizagasti[/nation] on behalf of the United Regions Alliance. Please do not reproduce it without permission.[/i][/size]