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Disclaimer: This is just a factbook filled with nonsense and where I ramble about stuff


stuff that must be finished:

    -Government series (Leader and Ministries factbook remaining, due in 1 month)
    -Other series (No progress, due in 3 months)
    -International series (no progress, due in 2 months)
    -Oil spill rp series (due in 1 day)

Note: Must have more or equal quality to other nations
Note II: Must have more or equal amount of words/sentences/detail/information/content to other nations

Why canít I make a good colonial flag??? (Edit: Screw it. I give up on this idea.)

My factbooks are inferior to everyone else. Time to remake them again.

People with good factbooks to compare with: (No link so that they donít get a ping)

-The Municipalities of Antarctica

Damn. Rho Ophiuchi remade his overview factbook. More pressure on making it I guess... time to add him to the list.

Anyways, time to create a new factbook called a Linkpage that leads to the Home factbooks. Time to steal off ideas from real-life nation websites.

AAAAAA- too much work! Why do I feel I have unlimited work and no work done at all?! When I feel that my factbook is ok enough, someone just makes it better and I would want to remake it, and before I could finish it someone else makes it even better! When will this end?

I might have the courage to ping everyone I list here?? I know I would be commented harshly and be viewed negatively if I do, but it takes so much time to search the nation name to see their progress again and I just want to do it. I will try to think about this first.


People with good factbooks to compare with: (No link so that they donít get a ping)

-The Municipalities of Antarctica
-Rho Ophiuchi

So Honourbound added more sections to his overview page. This just adds the pressure. Now I really need to finish my government page. Overview page, here I come...

I see no good progress on my own factbooks. The situation is hopeless for me.. good for them, I guess...

I think it may be time to actually ping the nations here... but I really feel that action would just be a sign of my selfishness. I will try to think about it again.

Fine, I will ping them. Further prove how selfish and self-centered I am.

Edit: So I think I should stop complaining. Maybe just work on my factbooks and maybe the pressure would be gone soon. Anyways, thanks Honourbound.

Yesterday was terrible. I think I should have not said what I said yesterday. Well, it already happened and no one could change the past.

Anyways, goodbye, for now. I will be back soon.