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The Flag Of Akigato

The Flag Of Akigato

The Akigato flag is the national symbol of the people who live in the nation.
Although it is 574 years old, everyone can recognize it.

History of Akigatoan Flag:

Akigato Banner

The Akigato flag is very old since it was created in 1447 by Queen Hirota Hikari I and sewn by Nomura Shukishi, a royal tailor. It was designed, to replace a banner, that was used earlier.

Earlier Times:
For 124 years, the Akigato flag was a white banner with a red sloping line, and was
used from 1322 (when the kingdom was formed), mainly by the nation itself, but also flag-bearing soldiers and hanged on diplomatic meetings. The banner, symbolized blood, running trough people's bodies.

Meaning of Akigatoan Flag:
Current Akigato Flag
Akigatoan flag waving in wind

The elements of the flag are not random, each color symbolizes something.

The first element is a light blue background which itself symbolizes faith, which is Shintinism.

The second element on the flag is the white, central cross, which symbolizes the purity of the nation with its color, and its shape symbolizes the first royal family, i.e. the Kagami family, who used the white cross as their symbol.

And the third and last symbol is the central cross again, but smaller than white, and light green in color. The light green color symbolizes the balance between people and nature, as well as the health of the population.

The flag has been flowing with the wind until today, and nothing indicates that it will be changed soon, or in the future.

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