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Coat of arms:

The Kingdom of Orkneyland is a nation in the continent of solitas remarkable for its burgeoning Black Guillemot population.
It has a population of 8 million
Capital and largest city:chezopolis
Ruler:king choz IV

For a long time there were a lot of orkneylandian states (and city states).As the age of nationalism came they were united by the chez princes and established the kingdom of orkneyland under king choz I with its capital at chezopolis.Over time it became the little democratic chez(cheese for non orkneylandians)loving country

Administrative structure:
It has 147 municipalities plus the capital prefecture
It is also divided into 5 traditional region

The Orkneylandian economy, worth 20.4 trillion Pounds a year.
Orkneyland's economy is based on agriculture and tourism,
thou fairly diversified.

Politics: The Prime Minister is the Leader of the orkneylandian goverment , who is also the Head of their Respective Party in Parliament. Every 5 Years an Election is Held for a New Prime Minister, or to keep the remaining Prime Minister if he Decides to run and that he has not been Prime Minister for 2 Terms. The People are Able to Vote For Multiple Parties making it a Multi Party System