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Caursimnvai People

Banner of the Caursimnvai

An ethnic group of humans which have migrated from Central Asia to various outposts in the world, despite technically having a country of their own the nation is occupied mainly by non-humans and is far away from their homeland. They are spread out far and wide and are mainly made up of xenophobes living in the middle east and central Asian regions of the world with some as far as morocco. They mainly stick to the giritinic faith often hiding it out of fear of retaliation. They mostly live of the land as simple farmers rarely wanting technology. They believe that a humble and simple life is bliss. Some of their population lives on an isolated planet but they are quite isolated from the rest of their community.

The people have a largely Japanese influenced culture with generally increased xenophobia from their interactions with nearby humans. However they do not spend a lot of their time on xenophobic actions. They mostly rely on agriculture and fishing too solidify their economy. Their architecture and clothing is very Japanese as traders reached the region a lot. Their laungage is a mix of Arabic and Japanese.