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Poltikia App

1. Nation name: Hartridge
2. World Assembly membership: Autumnberg

3. Other identities: 5years New Gough Island Bayside

4. Other regions/organizations: Nation of Earth Third Chad Sovereign (these are the regions that I am active in (note I'm more active on discord))

Optional Questions (These will help us get to know you better, and may improve the chances of your application being approved)

5. Experience: For how long have you been playing NationStates? I have been on NS from 2013. So 8 years.

6. Discovery: How did you find out about Politika?
I just happened to be searching for a new small rp region.

7. Discord username: If you have a Discord account, please provide it here so we can contact you more easily. If you don't, we encourage you to create one, as it'll be very useful in NationStates and allow you to join our regional server.

@Music is a Drug#0867

8. Timezone: Letting us know your timezone will help us coordinate events

9. Reasons for joining: Why are you interested in joining Politika? I wanted to expand my horizons in regards to different rps

9. Participation: Would you be interested in helping us grow and make this region better?
10. Activity: How often, on average, do you think you will be active on NationStates?
1-3 days on average. I'm usually active on Discord more often
Map Questions (These will help us get your nation on the map quicker and easier)

11. Location: Where exactly do you want to be on the map (describe the location and territory you'd like to hold in detail) Volcanis. Two small islands close to each other. The country is a city state.

12. Features: What geographical features would you like to have in your nation? Coastal access, hills, mountains, forests, swamps, cold weather, hot weather, etc. Also, how important are your chosen features to you? (We will attempt to match you with the best map location to include as many desired features as possible, prioritizing based on your most important requests.
I would like a tropical monsoon climate. With wet and mild summers and hot and dry winters. There are tropical forests with lots of wildlife.
13. Backup: If that location or those geographical features become no longer available, what is your second choice for those options?