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Join the World Assembly

New Pacific Order

What is the World Assembly and why should I join it?

The World Assembly, often abbreviated as "WA", is the NationStates equivalent of the real-world United Nations.

  • Vote on game-wide legislation: World Assembly member nations are able to vote on resolutions that reach the floor of the General Assembly and Security Council, thus allowing you to participate in determining game-wide legislation.

  • Endorse other nations: WA nations may endorse (similar to social media "likes") other nations in the same region as them.

  • Write WA resolutions: WA nations with 2 (two) or more endorsements may submit WA resolutions of their own for the entire game to vote on.

  • Bolster the strength of your region: The more endorsements our delegate, East Durthang, has, the larger the weighted delegate vote in the World Assembly is, granting us more influence over international WA affairs. Furthermore, the more endorsements our leadership holds, the more difficult it is for hostile forces to seek to invade or disrupt the stability of our home.

Joining the World Assembly is the easiest step you can take in order to participate more in NationStates!

How do I join the World Assembly?

Follow the following five simple steps to get started in the World Assembly. If you need help, click on the spoiler sections to reveal screenshots of each step.

  1. Visit: page=un

  2. Click "Apply to Join". You must have an email registered with your account to access this feature.

  3. Go to your affiliated email and click the link provided. If you cannot find it, check your spam folder.

  4. You will be directed to a page where confirmation is required. Click the confirmation button on the page.

  5. When you are in the World Assembly, visit East Durthang's page and find the "Endorse East Durthang" button. Click this. Once that is done, you will have successfully endorsed your Delegate!

Please note that the game only allows you to have one nation as a World Assembly member at any given time! NationStates moderation may remove and/or ban your nations from the World Assembly and/or the game for violating this rule.
If, for roleplaying reasons, you do not wish to join the World Assembly make a separate nation to use as your World Assembly nation.