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by The Potato Warrior of Concrete Slab. . 205 reads.


I am very sad to see Erinor resign. I believe nobody is better qualified for the job.


Unojo wrote:I nominate Concrete Slab for LC.

I still don't know how to format, so enjoy this wall of text.

I'm like 87% sure I'm the perfect piece of sentient building material for the job. I know I haven't been around too much lately, but when duty calls I can't resist it's siren song.

I have served as a Local Councillor four times. That's more than the rest of the pool combined.

Everyone else is talking the talk, but I'm the only one who has walked the walk.

In this emergency election, you need somebody you know you can trust and you need them fast. Only a month ago, it was me being the sole line of defense on the rmb against spammers and trolls after the departures of Melix and Auph. I've proven time and time again I have what it takes to wield the shield.

You want polls? I'll make sure TSP is never without them.

I'm a founding member of the Coral Guard, the higher-ups trust me with power and you can too!

You've all come to trust my discretion and I'm confident that I can continue to carry out the duties of an LC effectively. I'm active on the discord and forums as well, so I'm able to connect all aspects of TSP.

Double posting isn't super cool, not a fan. One word posts I'll suppress if I feel they are spammy. You know the drill.

So please, consider voting for me, and let's get the rmb in tip-top shape! :D

Some endorsements from the homies:

New Quebecshire wrote:Id like to endorse/express my support for Concrete Slab in the upcoming election. He was crucial to LC stability when he was functionally the only LC left in the latter bits of last term and I think he would perform well alongside Penguin and Morelia.

Nyxonia wrote:I also endorse Concrete Slab for LC in the election a few days from now.

Our region was in a real jam when we lost two LC's at the same time and the RMB was pretty broken. Concrete Slab was able to step right back in to the role and worked their butt off to keep the place afloat while we went through elections to find two new LC's.

You can trust that whatever decision that they make as an LC it will be fair.

Apatosaurus wrote:I am going to endorse Concrete Slab for LC, yes.

Unojo wrote:Concrete Slab is perfect for LC! They've contributed to the Among Us channel in our discord server!

Nivosea wrote:You've got my vote

As well as both of our current Local Councillors Murelia and PenguinPies!

Murelia wrote:I think you would make a great colleague, you are experienced and have the qualities of a good LC, and you seem like a fun person to spend my LC term with, so I will be voting you.

PenguinPies wrote:Folks - if this is allowed - Im going to vote Concrete Slabs for LC.