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by The Holy Ecclesiarch of Saint Cinder. . 118 reads.

Kidnapping members of the TSP Ministry because Amerion is being a good Delegate.

As Amerion continues to hold out hope against the increasingly "unstable" Saint Cinder, demands continue for a legitimate tax free honorary position as Pontiff of the South Pacific. We will be taken somewhat seriously! Since Mudslinging is not going to cut it. We decided to use rope instead! Here is the situation.

Meet Terry, Terry is now a hostage.

If you want to see Terry unhurt unlike our soon to be endorsement crazed Qvait, and the Floppy wizard hat, I suggest you put the Tax-Free Pontiff recognition plaque in the bag! And maybe 2-3 minion points! Four is too much. You have to think about the Minion economy.

But now onto our main hostages ✨friendship buddies✨! In hostages situations sometimes innocent people must get hurt for the greater good.

But luckily for us neither one of them is innocent! Do not gaze upon me with hatred, Qvait, Witchcraft and Sorcery instead look at these totally rad pictures!

Alright I'll give them one pleasant gif i'm not totally barbaric.

I expect my demands to completed in less then 10 hours! (UTC time) or else Terry gets it!