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by The Unojoish Rep of Unojoish North Kuril Islands. . 37 reads.

Summing Somurias 5: CRU about it

Unojo/Greatest Unojo as Mr Santiago
Sutarianesia as Kay Tomson
Paganan as Raju
Nivosea as Minion (this is not a joke, this is canon.)
Mida Gals as Agent Midas
Sweden as Agent Svaljorg
The South Pacific Union Affairs Chat as Agent Ups
Uvalor as threatening stock image ball and Kyle Rijk
The eternal swedish empire as the King of Sweden (stock image)
Somuriasian SPU Representative as Babushka Joan
Nivosean SPU representative as Grunt
The Paganan TNA Representative as Jaru
MilkyWay Republic as Elective Milk
Poland Mania as unpaid worker