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by The Federation of URA World Assembly Affairs. . 61 reads.

URA Recommendation: Vote FOR Repeal "Liberate Nazi Europa"

URA World Assembly Recommendation

Repeal: Liberate Nazi Europa
Security Council Resolution #246 “Liberate Nazi Europa” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.


RECOGNISING that the passage of this repeal will not do anything to change this august body's firm and long-standing stance against fascism, national socialism, and other ideologies that promote discrimination;

RECALLING that, while the author of SC#246 hoped that the target region would "be made vulnerable by this august body through" its Liberation, the far superior outcome of its being involuntarily dissolved and prevented from ever being refounded was accomplished by decree of the Secretariat in May 2021;

NOTING that, far from currently having "an executive Founder," the target region currently has no founder of any description (never mind any residents); and

BELIEVING that the target region neither poses such a great threat to the international community that it should remain Liberated, nor has the ability to meaningfully relish in the repeal of its Liberation:


The Security Council,

Acknowledging that Nazi Europa still has an executive Founder;

Disgusted by Nazi Europa's open endorsement and promotion of Nazism throughout itself and other regions;

Disappointed at the open use of Nazi imagery and attributes throughout the region;

Irritated by the region's Nazi military and their interferences, such as in Dank Memes, Femdom Empire, and The Arab League;

Intending to warn future fascist and Nazi regions from adopting such an ideology by making Nazi Europa vulnerable;

Confident that Nazi Europa can be made vulnerable by this august body through liberating the region;

Hereby Liberates Nazi Europa.

This Security Council resolution was written by Tinhampton to repeal "Liberate Nazi Europa," which was written by La navasse. You can find the drafting thread on the forums here.

The United Regions Alliance recommends that you vote FOR the resolution

This resolution repeals SCR#246 "Liberate Nazi Europa," which targeted the now-defunct region Nazi Europa for reasons obvious to everyone. As is generally standard with offensive liberations, once the main goal has been achieved the liberation is repealed. Because the region has been deleted by site moderators, there are no more natives and no risk of Fascist/Nazi forces retaking the region. The United Regions Alliance sees no reason to keep this liberation active any longer.

The following comments were given during discussion on the LinkURA Discord server:

Niamark resident Lycos wrote,

Lycos wrote:Offensive libs usually get repealed after the target is destroyed and no one got destroyed harder than NE. Let it die. Full support.

The Sportsbook voting member Davelands wrote,

Davelands wrote:No reason to vote no and let this stain remain active.

Mariner Trench voting member Calamari Lands wrote,

Calamari Lands wrote:You sure? It really just seems unnecessary to repeal them. It changes nothing and just clutters the resolution list imo. The active lib can just be seen as a historical document... no need to have two of them.

Karma resident Ghad wrote,

Ghad wrote:What's the point in keeping a liberation for a region that literally no longer exists? There's absolutely no point in it existing, and if it shouldn't exist any longer and we cannot actually erase it... we repeal it instead because it's the closest we can get.

Fylkirvegr voting member Freedomanica wrote,

Freedomanica wrote:Against on principle. Regardless of whether they don’t exist or not, the WA must condemn all acts of pro-fascism within our halls no matter whether they are defunct or not and shall put fire on those even still destroyed to show that we do not care as to whether they are non-existent, but rather see it as a signal of the World Assembly’s intent.

This document was authored by Scalizagasti on behalf of the United Regions Alliance. Please do not reproduce it without permission.