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The Grey Wardens - Rise of Delegate First Melon

The Rise of the First Melon - New World Assembly Delegate

With the tireless work of several members of the Order and some especially hard lifting by Commander Luca, TGW has been fortunate enough to hit an all time high of 100 endorsements in the last couple of months and a historical peak in regional population. These milestones are a proud product of visions outlined several months ago to see TGW develop more internally while maintaining its renowned military ability—a balance I think we’ve more than maintained.

Delegate Thousand Branches aka Ara has played a critical role in ensuring this growth after picking up the work of their predecessor, Sarah, in engaging with gameside populations and carrying out the region’s World Assembly affairs. Ara not only offered an experienced insight into WA matters from their own authorship but also kept up the tradition of helping during significant defending operations and offering guidance to the new recruits. After nearly 6 months of hard work, Ara will be stepping down as Delegate for some well deserved rest and time to enjoy other areas of NS. I can’t thank Ara enough for their service as our Delegate and the time they have given to help the region grow into a newfound WA presence.

I’m thrilled to announce that stepping into the vacant role of Delegate will be the First Melon of TGW, Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands, aka Whatermelons!

All World Assembly nations in The Order of the Grey Wardens should endorse Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands immediately if not already doing so.

Melons has been a member of the Order since February with an already prolific, commended career of World Assembly authorship and regional involvement. She’s a well-loved member of the community as our First Melon and highly overqualified for the role she’ll be taking on in helping maintain and nurture TGW’s WA affairs. I have no doubt her experience will be put to good use as Delegate and continue the progress of those before her as we grow beyond our goals as a region and an Order. It’s going to be a great time to see where we go from here, and I’m excited to see the line of TGW girlboss delegates continue under Melon’s leadership!

Congrats Melons!

In War, Victory
In Peace, Vigilance
In Death, Sacrifice

First Warden Grea Kriopia