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PRAF Report - Layem Lambasted | VICTORY

PRAF Report - Layem Lambasted | VICTORY

Target Assessment

The majority of readers already completely understand the reason the Confederacy of Layem was raided. Simply saying "It was Layem," is more than enough justification for PRAF's participation in the raid. However, for those who aren't familiar with the history, a brief explanation is in order. Simply put, the Confederacy of Layem was one of the most vitriolic regions in the history of NationStates. As the recent and overwhelmingly popular proposal to remove Layem's password and render it vulnerable to raid put it, Layem was downright caustic. While the region is partially infamous for its on-site bigotry, it doesn't stop there. The worst actions taken by its members were so profoundly abhorrent that they can't even be spoken of on-site without breaching defamation rules. It was completely natural that, when Layem's founder was declared Delete-on-Sight, every major military in the game immediately assembled to destroy the region.

Battle Summary

To call this mission a success would be an understatement. It is a sweeping, overwhelming, extraordinary achievement. 108 updaters successfully jumped into the region at update, an unbelievably powerful count second only to the 115 that participated in the raid on Genua. While the raid didn't set a record in terms of updaters, it certainly has in terms of overall participants. Point Miravana currently has a whopping 306 endorsements assembled from over 21 regions, making this the largest raid in history. Feeders, sinkers, political regions, raiders, defenders, indies, mercenaries, roleplayers—all have joined in glorious anti-fascist unity to raze Layem. This is a triumph for everyone, regardless of in-game or real-life political alignment. This exceptional VICTORY, this vanquishing of Layem, will forever be remembered as one of the NationStates community's greatest stands against intolerance.

Layem's new-and-improved population has voted: The original Layem took a Thicc L


Reservists FSPR, Eleutherya, Markadan, and Purple Pearl have been promoted to the rank of Hell Hawk.

Reservist Toukai has been promoted to the rank of Bomber Eagle.

Reservists Bovad, Neo-Vegashima, The States of Russia, and Dawenia have been promoted to the rank of Fledgling Falcon.

Congratulations to all!

(Note: Despite attempts to be thorough, I may occasionally miss mentioning a nation in the Statistics list. If you participated but were not mentioned, please telegram me, and I will correct it ASAP. We appreciate all of our brave pilots!)