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TSP Translated

Inspired by Noristoniaka.
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🌴 Welcome to the South Pacific ~ Join now! 🌴

🛡️ World prickly Antarctica.

⚠️ Thank you! Try to understand why this is so important!

👶 New to the South Pacific? Here you go!

Welcome to the United States and the South Pacific!

Greetings from the South Pacific Government or Alliance of the South Pacific (TSP). With over 8000 seats, the South Pacific is one of the oldest and most populous states with a Republic Congressional system that can accomodate you and many other citizens. This guide will help you get started with the nations of the world (NA) in any country. Read this book if you need to write a long essay.

If you have any questions about the South Pacific countries in this guide, please contact Peggy onepiece. Call your Local Council. Location: [nation]Drystar[/ntion], Government of canada, Avenia. The red text is a link that you can click on for more information.

Start with city-states

If you're new to NationStates, you should take a look at this FAQ. This gives you everything you need to know to enjoy your area and city.

It originated in the South Pacific

First, to help protect our land and give your nation significant voting rights under international law and on our soil, please join the South Pacific National Coral guard PenguinPay Delegation and all members, Amerio, Edenfield. , which. Tapertopia, [nation]Concrete Slab[/naion], [nation]Farengeto[/natin], [nation]Ebonhand[nation], [nation]Land Without Shrimp[/naton], [nation]073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121[/naion], Freedom road, Tsunami, Penguin country.

(How to do it: open the World Summit page on the right, then provide and follow the instructions on how to join the World Summit. Then open the page of the country you want to see and log in. Click).

The next step is to visit the following websites to identify and contact the states of the region;

  • Find Yuan: connect to other communication platforms and connect with our community. Please read the terms and conditions as soon as possible to ensure that you do not disturb the police.

  • LinkJoin our discussion forums: most local police action happens in the forums. If you would like to be more involved in our community, please join the forum.

  • LinkJoin our Discord server: Our Discord server hosts daily chats and informal discussions of state and national affairs. This makes it easier to get help and call the authorities. If you haven't already, do it!


How can we bring this to our community by participating in various activities.

  • Join the Southern Conference (SWAN): If you visit the Western Conference and improve your representation, you can go and visit SWAN! This is a great way to get more support and influence in your community and help keep our community safe.

  • LinkParticipation in government: our government provides opportunities for anyone (regardless of ability), for example.

    • Our governors appoint and appoint state legislators and officers and delegate authority to state parliaments.

    • Participates directly in the day-to-day activities of the county in partnership with a government agency or organization, such as hospitality, social media, events and festivals, and networking with new players.

    • Want something fast and fun? You can join our forces in the South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF). They protect our neighbors, allies and other innocent peoples because these people do not attack us, but there are cruel peoples expressing hatred.

    Click on the red link and you will be taken to a page where you can learn more about joining the kingdom!

  • Help States Have a Voice in WA Decisions: Help [natin]PenguinPies[/nation] and regional states decide how to vote in WA on land administration decisions.

  • LinkRole-playing game (RP): You can play war, trade or anything related to your community with other people who use Knowhere on Linkour forum, or if you want to have fun, you can play on Linkour dedicated game server in no way. . RPGs are great if you like to write, create stories, if you don't like the limits of creativity you have to answer.

  • Furthermore. There is almost no limit to what you can do around us. You can create associations, newspapers, discussion groups, political parties in our neighborhood to have more fun.

Find out what happened

You can find out what's happening in our region by reading one of these resources:

  • LinkThe Cabinet of Minsters on Twitter. This is a short, concise government update showing what they are doing.

  • LinkSouthern Magazine (TSJ): This is our most published newspaper covering everything that happened in the area last month. The Southern Journal provides policy, international issues, regional issues, regional news, sports news, interviews, analysis and commentary ...

  • Other media sources. It is an independent media run by our citizens. They offer a very different topic, a look at the problem.

  • Ask someone else. You can ask other players to find out more about the current events via the RMB, Telegram or Discord. If you want a better answer, it is recommended that you ask senior officials or government officials in the region.

Read more

To get started, you can learn more about everything in our area by reading some driver instructions below.

If you have any problems with this route, please send a telegram to The south pacific alliance or send it to @MoE. Leave the server in your area.



I; doctor

It's a great way to get more advice and influence in your country and help stabilize and secure jobs in the South Pacifc.

Welcome to New World Membership!

[nation]aswinton[/ntion], [nation]dupanda[/ntion], Meerutopia, [nation]rengokuland[/ation], [nation]yehudimar[/ntion], Teman, [nation]hokinjuto[/naton], Yokistan.

Summary of the situation
  • WA country: 1102

  • Number of Swan Knights, 407

  • SPCG's average recommendation: 650.46

  • Total number of recommendations: 110027

  • Aid intensity: 9.07 %

This is all

The Southern World Assembly (SWAN) is an initiative to support the participation of the South Pacific Regional Government in the General Assembly (WA) and to encourage the participation of all in the South Pacific. The initiative aims to enable countries in the region to vote for WA, provide more recommendations and have more influence, making the region safer and more vibrant!

What are the implications of Congress, its representatives, its recommendations, and its secularity?

  • The World Council is like the real life of the United Nations, although it does not affect the real United Nations in your country, but it does affect such places.

  • You can receive recommendations from other countries. They are similar to the idea of social media, even more so for the region and the country because they work at the bottom.

  • Influence is something your people remember. The impact is very important for the security of t he area, as it determines how difficult it is to remove or prevent the population from the area.

  • The WA representative is the largest member of the region and has all the powers of the government, such as checking the bulletin board, banning / removing people, changing access to real-world books, ... Linkits members every 6 months. A place connected to it

How can I get involved?

Step 1: Join the World Council. You know, click here.

Step 2: View all these cities Click on the population name to help the population, open the page, scroll down and click the help button.

Messenger by W.A

Penguin cake

South Pacific Coral Conservancy (SPCG) Member States.

073 039 109 032 080

Ten edenfield

Americans who

[nation]concrete slab[/ation]


Neither farenzo nor farenzo

They were released

Land without rooms

Penguin cake

That tapertopia

[nation]it's a tsunami[/nation]

Step 3: See all other populations in the How to do it quickly and register by clicking here

Why should I join?

The SWAN identity benefits your country, which you will never find again;

  • Your country can vote on the WA's decision, the delegate can decide how the WA's decision will be voted on through the OWL, and can run in the Local territorial and LinkLinccoln Delegate elections.

  • It's an easy way to get a lot of recommendations from other people and help influence your city and your area in the future.

  • Your country will benefit from your commitment to this campaign! (Click here for more prices)

  • Your people will have a lot of voting power in WA (Read how to do it)

  • This is the first step if you want to join the Regional Security Council (Click here for more information)

Click here to learn more about the benefits

How else can I do that?

You can go back and do more;

  • Please vote

  • Send a link to new people who haven't yet joined the event, or telegram what you're looking for.

  • But like I said, do it through our regional mailing list.

  • Share this step on how you can improve you thoughts ( here's how)

How do I find out how good I am and how good the playground is?

To do so, please see our census (click here to view it) and our statistics page (click here to view). We encourage you to take a look at this amazing "snapshot of our area to see how large and dynamic our area is (click here to view).

Where can I find more information?

Check out our distribution app.

We hope you enjoy this step and find a thriving place for the nation state and community



Welcome to South Pacific Special Forces!

What is the South Pacific Special Forces?

The South Pacific Special Forces (or SPSF) is the official force of the South Pacific. We will protect allies Work for the Interest of Expats in the South Pacific and play on the battlefield!

What is a fighting game and why do I like it?

Twice a day in a new nation state It travels through regions in a cumulative manner. but inconsistent and gradually defined in those regions only. As the game grows in each country How well they are accepted is assessed. when he finally moved to the county. He will receive a permanent representative in the county. Proxies have power over communities - they can be destroyed even without enforcers. Controlling something is a martial art.

The cavalry gained territory by supporting the occupied states and forcing them to abandon all control. Guardians also try to prevent them from becoming the ambassadors of the country or fighting the country by making them the ambassadors of their country.

War is one of the foundations of local politics. It introduces you to the vast and wild world of NS gaming with epic characters and exciting story. It helps us get to know our best friends and acquaintances in other states. War is not just a fantasy. Unlike war and action Our actions have a real impact on NS life and the fun in real life! You can get your adrenaline pumping with a successful run or chase. Again, the area is very attractive to local governments. Being one of the most respected co-workers will not only give you the sweet experience of mission accomplishment. But it also lays a good foundation for friendship. Military prowess made you famous in the sport. This is a good foundation for political life in the region. They are intimidating, hate or love the game.

Why join SPSF?

The most active GCR power in SPSF games, we are security forces. That's the best martial artist in the game. which works with us to protect sensitive areas from alien attacks and destruction. You will get this knowledge too! SPSF offers the highest level of athletic training - with passion, passion and desire to learn. You will reach the top very quickly.

By joining the SPFF, you are also contributing to the South Pacific region. If the South Pacific is under threat, SPSF will be the mainstay of defense. Whether our short-term programs are purely for entertainment or foreign policy. We are developing the skills needed to counter SPSF's main target partners, so when you join SPSF one day you can become a captain in the South Pacific!

How do I contact SPSF?

SPSF has two components: tsunami risk and propagation.

Updates are available from 12:00 noon EST, 12:00 noon, or 2:00 p.m. EST, all in about an hour. This means that we have to spend a lot of time working. You will need a disposable account and a forum account. If you can publish it online even once a week

Instructions: Instructions: Click on the link and the form will open. Fill in the required information. Check the Defense box in the Applications section and click on the application below.

If you can't or don't want to, Tidal Force is for you! Tide Force is a simple mission. (But it's worth it!) You don't need a reject form or account to do this. but welcome

Do you have any questions? Espalsa, our Minister of Defense (surname #2968) and Commander-in-chief of the armed forces. (Human conscience #9270) Happy to help!




Welcome Conference

The License Limit, or Endocap, is the number of licenses issued by your country. Your contract number should not exceed this limit. It acts as a watchdog to prevent countries from forming other alliances and dangerous situations such as the collapse of the state. (Read more here) This limit is currently limited to 80% of SPCG (South Pacific Coral Reef Protection) membership licenses (Concrete tables have 579 licenses).

Current type of license
3 years


What happens when you board an acceptable boat?

If you exceed the license limit, a member of the Regional Security Council (CRS) will send you a telegram instructing you to reduce the number of licenses until you reach the border again. As the authentication field is constantly subject to changes in the CRS command description, you will not be notified by the submenu.

If this happens naturally and often unexpectedly, don't panic! You need to keep quiet and follow the CRS community guidelines.

How can I reduce the number of contracts to fix my hat?

You can reduce it.

  • Send telegrams to other countries where you need to cancel your agreement. This is the best option because you will lose enough transfer to pay your guarantee.

  • To cancel an international conference (go to the international conference page), please log in again. This is the fastest way, but will lose all permissions.

  • They can revoke their contract with permission from another country. That doesn't mean they don't know when to do it.

What happens if I refuse to reduce the number of contracts?

Your country will receive regular telegrams requesting contracts. If you continue to leave, your organization or CRS administrator will remove you from this area.

Who organizes and seals the base cover?

It is part of the Regional Security Council (CRS).

Additional details

  • Everything is updated every 24 hours, so you should expect any information change.

  • Please contact us if you find any errors, omissions or suggestions for correction.

  • There are minor data errors, read this for more information.

Check out our email list for more information on the SWAN project.



RMB Rules and Etiquette

The gay! Welcome to the South Pacific, by Regional Magazine or Yuan! It is a place where people from all around the world meet and interact. It is a forum for free dialogue and debate, debate and public interest for all. But without rules, Yuan is a wild and beautiful place. Thus, the rules must be defined and applied as a result. It is important for the safety, dignity and privacy of everyone. So read these rules and try to follow them. Remember, a violation of the rules can have consequences.

Remember: The “Special Terms” section of each publication is provided as a summary of the Terms. The official text can be found in the spoiler "Details."

Repeated warnings and serious violations of jail may result in the release and release of this rule. You can find good legal advice and advice from the community to explain the consequences of the violations.

So, after writing a long introduction, your yuan shows:

1. Spam restrictions: 7

Rule: Do not send spam. Bad spam. This is the first rule of reason.

Spam is banned in RMB under any circumstances. Spam is often described as meaningless and / or inappropriate - for example, a word, emoji, or image that does the same thing over and over again. , A list of a person's fatigue to work on a particular topic. For. No visible battle. It doesn't matter what you want to create: if your message is based on the above, it is considered spam and fraud.
2. English means language

Conditions: The positions on the board must be in English or have an English translation.

We understand that many of you, like players from around the world, come from places where English is not your native language. Therefore, please only send in English to faciliate communications and avoid confusion for your speakers.

Remember that tooks like LinkGoogle Translate can help. If you have another language, send an English translation to another email. Messages translated to English will not be interrupted. To avoid confusion, English refers to modern English, not Western.

3. Emphasize our opinion

Rule: Don’t ask people to help you on a regional bulletin board. Don't let people walk.

Under no circumstances should you apply for an RMB license. Not always. The permits are issued only if the Secretary is the District Security Council, the Coral Guard or a representative who wishes to increase the number of security licenses in the area.

To go and install it, download the Southern World Assembly TSP Certification Program.

It is also forbidden to hire or invite people to relocate. If you are not a citizen of the South Pacific, you cannot ask people to enter your yuan zone.

4. So the horse goes to the fence ...

Conditions: Contact the Regional Commission directly, but do not violate any other rules. If you have the freedom, consider moving your RPG to Nowhere or Psamware Over Rainbow for your main or national RPG.

Everything is legal! They just followed the rules. But it is more important; Check your certificate (as described in Rule IX). The LC has made a decision based on merit and if your case does not work in this area, it will be covered. Therefore, making love, sexual advices etc are forbidden.

Also, don't worry about the yuan on your luck. If you think it will take too long, move it to the game's website or shut it down completely. Otherwise it can be misleading. Once a board game beings, it is difficult for anyone to participate, as the number of shots has nothing to do with the greyhound.

But other than that, feel free to play the role of your heart's content!

5. Hold your Horses

Principle: Two or more main message board announcements.

It is illegal to post or post two subsequent words, as if more than one author in a series. All payments will be made after the inital report. If 1 hour passes and RMB 1 hour does not move, the second project will be approved

6. We put the nose in the food

Rules: Do not share your points with other players.

Some players may not send or share personal information (for example, social media accounts, IP addresses, email addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), but have access to personal information (for example, etc.); . ... d) Just one thing: the affected player shares the information themselves and has no objection to its disclosure (this notice must be posted or their consent must be posted).

Accusations of serious misconduct (e.g. threats, harassment, sexual harassment, etc.) against an ineligible person. Restrictions/rules for accepting and adjucating an appeal. This rule also applies to TSP fees and ineligibility fees.

7. Riding a high horse

Conditions: It is forbidden to drive a car or shoot or shoot others.

Phishing is defined as threats designed to arouse international interest and initiate conversation or harass by sending confusing, annoying or inappropriate messages. The experience is like a trampling and is designed to focus on another person by focusing on another person. Fleming is described as a court or court and is common in some lands. Cotton iridite can be considered burnt, but the mask of the figure remains. All three of these are always forbidden.

This is an expanded national policy. It might be someone else's car, you think it's a joke and you do it when you are told to stop.
We can prevent actions, prevent actions, prevent actions, and improve actions. As a last resort, contact the NationStates administrators and the popup will not hide your IP address.

8. You follow the rules slowly

The rules of the game: The rules of the game apply wherever you are in the pagan lands.

In order to be part of the TSP countries, you must follow the rules of the game. Violations of the rules of the game cause problems in the spatial administration and control of the Commonwealth. To learn more about the rules of the game, follow the link below.

Kingdom decisions

Frequently asked questions about countries

9. Try your own look

Rule: Do not post any unauthorized posting to the PG-13 movie.

Pornography, foul language, offensive and sexually explicit messages, sexual content, etc. are eliminated and the countires of the country are responsible. Many gestures of human affection (falling, arrows, begging, smiling, etc.) are considered inappropriate. They had to be treated fairly.

It is true that poor health and delayed sleep may be the best sign, but above all, if the best explanations are given, the leadership of the Court and perhaps a United Nations agency will step in. Violent language is not allowed and all other laws must apply, especially those in other laws.

10. straight from the horse’s mouth

The principle: Do not express and write down negative thoughts.

It is illegal to talk about and explain someone's work without explaining it. Also avoid arranging the introduction for selfish purposes.

When replying to someone's email. tag their suggestion (by clicking the quote button), which reduces confusion and lets them know the quotes. ...

When downloading malicious messages, delete their contents and replace with "-snip-". This makes it easy to fix.

When downloading a long post, cut the post you are repllying to in a specific section or convert it with "-snip-".

11. Wire trim

The rule: Use a sledgehammer when making or lifting a very tall pole.

The code [spoiler] is your friend. If you create or downloaded a long article, or a text that no one reads, add spoilers so there are no big pages.

If you spoiled a recently released book or movie, share the spoiler with people who haven't read or seen it. Recommended one month after the film's release (release dates vary by region) and two months after the book's release.

12. Aunt Rudra flour

Conclusion: Treat others as you would like to be treated: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Remember, there are real people outside of York. Everyone here is friendly and courteous.

Remember that although conflicts with local organizations (local councils, parishes, CRS and clergy) are well known, they should be treated with human dignity and respect. Local authorities should respect other residents in the community..

When you fight, always remember to attack the person who is arguing. If this bothers you, go back and try. Even damage, even damage, etc. Can not enter. The only exchanges allowed in renminbi include technical transactions. For more information, see the help section at the bottom of this form.

13. Do not read to your children

Rules: Orders or messages from this person do not apply to RMB.

Refuse to send text messages. If you think the company is harmless and small, this is not the case. This rule does not mean that you should always send goods. This rule lets you move part of a sentence and respond to a new column.

However, at the request of the court, informal and local consultation facilities are limited. The best way to prevent this is to include messages in your posts.

Thanks for reading, and do not forget to follow this guide!

Stay here at TSP, relax and have fun!

~~~Help him out!~~~

If you think the email is illegal and needs to be deleted, you should not delete the message, emphasize the legal warning, or if you have any questions about the Yuan system, please contact our Community Advisor, Via telegram today.

Management Jobs Canada
Drying equipment
Presence avinia

happy bee

Send your complaint or feedback to the following countries:

[nation]TSP: the local council[/nation]

The land is managed by the LC so that all local courts can see their complaints our concerns. Note that this code applies to mobile phones and yuan.

Legal objections must be filed in the manner prescribed in the submission of the legal notice.