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Guidelines for the Acceptance of Embassies

Guidance for the Acceptance of Proposals for Embassies

"Target region" means a region that has proposed embassies with the LSC, or is being evaluated by the LSC.

1. Size:
a. Target regions should have at least about 15 non-puppet nations
b. Target regions should have at least 5 WA nations

2. Tags:
a. Target regions should have at least one tag among: Anarchist, Communist, Socialist, Democratic, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Fascist, Feminist, Eco-Friendly or LGBT, or, similar tags.
b. Target regions must not have the Anti-Communist, Capitalist, Imperialist, Monarchist, Fascist, Patriarchal, Theocratic, Totalitarian or Puppet Storage tag.
c. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis if the target region has some compatibility in values, and demonstrates commitment to respectful dialogue.

3. Embassies:
a. Target regions must not maintain embassies with other regions that have the Anti-Communist, Fascist, Patriarchal, Theocratic or Imperialist tag.
b. Target regions should maintain embassies with other regions that share our values, unless they have not yet established many embassies.
c. Target regions should not be currently pursuing massive amounts of embassies at once without regard to values.

4. Behaviour:
a. LSC values, as stated in the LSC charter, must be upheld by the leadership of target regions, and in the target regions' RMBs.