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List of Offices in Hopeful Regionless

This is a list of the offices in Hopeful Regionless and their responsibilities. The list will be updated if any of these change. If you wish to participate in an office you must telegram Beand Aratcrath.

Beand Aratcrath
The founder of Hopeful Regionless and only one who can appoint officers. (So Far)

WA Delegate
Vote on WA proposals and maintain good relations with other nations.

Neutrality Ensurance Director
Boldonian Puppet
Ensure Hopeful Regionless stays out of intra-regional conflicts and maintain neutrality with warmongering regions.

Socials Director
Yet Another Boldonian Puppet
Engage with nations in Hopeful Regionless, host events, and update certain worldwide materials concerning Hopeful Regionless (like this).

All provided material subject to change