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Cape of Good Hope Regional Map

Map of the Cape of Good Hope

Physical Map of the Cape of Good Hope

Making a Request

Eligibility requirements for making a claim:

  • Have a population of at least TWENTY million (20,000,000)

  • Be currently and have been in the Cape of Good Hope for at least SEVEN (7) days

  • Be applying with your MAIN (non-puppet) GH nation

  • Not already have a claim

Terms and disclosures:

  • The mapmaker has the final say in map design, though the mapmaker will try to accommodate requests as possible. However, nothing is guaranteed.

  • Your claim or request may not be grantable, whether due to the nature of the request, conflict with another request, or another reason.

  • If you leave the Cape of Good Hope or your nation ceases to exist, you may lose your claim. Returning may not grant your claim back to you.

  • Terms, rules, requirements, etc. may change at any time, and changes may be retroactive.

  • Inappropriate, offensive, or overly disruptive claims and requests will not be granted.

How to make a claim:
IMPORTANT: Before making a request, ensure that you meet the requirements above. By making claim or request, you also acknowledge and agree to the above terms.
Send a telegram to Tyramon containing the name you wish to be displayed on the map, the color you want for the name and for the background of your nation, and a description of where you want your nation to be located, optionally including which nations you wish to border. You may make a request for minor map modifications, granted at the discretion of the mapmaker.

~~A note on map modification requests~~
Redrawing borders/coastlines takes time, meaning I may not be able to complete a request or it may greatly delay completion, so it is generally best to avoid such requests. Adding a small island or internal lake is the easiest thing to do and will generally not cause much of a delay. Asking for basic changes isn't hard either; as a rule of thumb, if you can easily describe the change using words, it is probably not too hard to draw, and hopefully won't take too long. But, if you have to send me a picture to communicate it, it is likely too much/too specific. Tracing maps is hard or in many cases infeasible, especially if your nation is near other nations, and as such these requests may be denied or put on hold indefinitely. Also, if your request would significantly affect another nation or nations, you must get that nation or nations to approve of the request before I will even consider it. This includes changes to shared borders as well as changes close to their borders in some cases.

Notes from Nations:

Bearded Dragones

  • COMPLETED: (neighbors) - If there's room to just plop me by Roxium and Monsone like on the old map, that'd be great! Not too worried about geography at this point, but I know there are occasional incidents on the Roxium/BD border so I'd like to still... have... one"

North South North West Kansas

  • COMPLETED: (location) - Far northeast; Kansas as upper mid-latitude ish; Preferably with a west-facing coast if possible

Al Montica

  • COMPLETED: (location) - "Well, On the old map, my claim was bordering Aerlanica and R.Khan so I was thinking to have a claim in the part that kinda looks like a dog's head. (It's northwest of them)"

United states of gondor

  • NOT APPLICABLE: (topography) - "Alright! The basic geography is mountains on my northern and western borders, plains in the north and central part of my country with thick woods in the west, wetlands towards the coast and rolling hills to the south"

  • NOT APPLICABLE: (climate) - "Basic climate is sorta like Italy, real chilly in the mountains… but the rest is a mild, Mediterranean climate"

  • COMPLETED: (color) - more of a blue color


  • COMPLETED: (border shape) - Linkrectangle; 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the continental U.S.

  • COMPLETED: (color) - lighter blue


  • NOT APPLICABLE: (canon size) - roughly the size of Ukraine


  • NOT APPLICABLE: (canon size) - "...similar size to roughly half the contiguous United States."

  • OUT OF DATE: (border shape) - "Also, please keep its coastline consistent with how it's depicted on the OG map."

  • COMPLETED: (border shape) - this


  • NOT APPLICABLE: (mixed internal geography) - ":o "This is what became of the island during the current Limoreian Era. An island once filled only with grasslands and deciduous forests, now rife with lively savannas, steppes, mountainous deserts, taigas, and a wide array of salty rivers and lakes." - taken from the dispatch where I briefly describe the terrain."

  • COMPLETED: (external geography) - "Seeing as this is my first time being displayed on a region's map, I won't be too picky. My only complaint with this is Galliadurm not being shown as an island. The size and shape of the island doesn't have to be exact, it's nice where it's at. Unless you're willing to stay true to the original shape, shown in the dispatch. Other than that, thank you. c:"

  • COMPLETED: (location) - move the mobile island of Denöb Ler further into the ocean away from Galliadurm? The island belongs to a small independent community who are on good terms with the people of Galliadurm."

New Drachma

  • COMPLETED: (border shape) - this

  • COMPLETED: (border shape) - Baffin island


  • COMPLETED: (border shape) - "if you could also put a tiny island just above Oateria’s northeast."

Iva Kree

  • COMPLETED: (location) - wants island north of Al Montica

Super Duper Nice People

  • COMPLETED: (displayed name) - "SDNP is fine [for map name] :D!!!!"

  • COMPLETED: (color) - "I would take purple or pink as my other color though"

Kop Wert

  • COMPLETED: (location) - not a tiny island


  • COMPLETED: (location) - "put me in the northernmost point of the western continent but put me in a location were I can have access to the ocean but also have access to the artic"

  • OUT OF DATE: (location) - "Yoooo I decided where I want to be...I just want to be in my own island but put me in an island near the artic pls"

Bacenna Roxesia

  • COMPLETED: (location) - tiny island SSE of Lawithon

Wish For Love And Peace

  • PLANNED: (location) - "North-Western Corner (Thisi Peninsula)"

  • PLANNED: (color) - "Indigo (rgb(71, 7, 115))"

  • PLANNED: (displayed name) - "Wish (Guanney)"

  • ON HOLD: (border shape) - Linkthis

Recycling Bins

  • PLANNED: (location) - "Generally southwest; small parts of the country are coastal"

  • PLANNED: (color) - background: "light yellow, but not neon"; name: "Medium green, not too light or dark"

  • PLANNED: (displayed name) - "Recycling Bins"

  • ON HOLD: (neighbors) - "As long as my country isn't completely isolated and able to interact with some countries, it doesn't particularly matter."

Big Boys Ville

  • COMPLETED: (displayed name) - "Big Boys Ville"

  • COMPLETED: (color) - "blue and black"

  • COMPLETED: (location) - "southeastern corner of the map"


  • PLANNED: (displayed name) - "Tulvia"

  • PLANNED: (color) - background: "purple"; name: "black"

  • PLANNED: (location) - "I would like to be put on the bottom of Nicrea to the right of Iva Kree (on the main continent)."

    COMPLETED: - request fulfilled in current map
    UPCOMING: - request fulfilled in next map version
    NOT APPLICABLE: - type of information is not represented in any current map types
    OUT OF DATE: - request will no longer be fulfilled
    PLANNED: - request will be fulfilled in future map version
    ON HOLD: - request pending approval or delayed
    DENIED: - request will not be fulfilled

Current Map Versions: "1.00 political map with names" and "1.00 political map with feature names"
Maps created, owned, and maintained exclusively by Tyramon. The map was digitally hand drawn in 2022.
This map is intended primarily for use in roleplay for nations who feel that the other map does not accurately represent their nation.
Note that the physical map is generally not as up-to-date as the political map. If there is a discrepancy between the two, consider the political map to be more accurate.
Before making a claim or request, it is recommended that you first check the Requests Log for any potentially redundant or conflicting claim. However, you can generally exclude Denied and Out of Date requests, as they are not and will not be included in the map.
If you previously made a claim or request and it does not appear in the Requests Log within 72 hours, it is generally recommended that you follow up with Tyramon regarding the status of your request. However, if your request has already been completed in a displayed map version, there is generally no need to add it to the requests log. This is especially true of early requests - requests made prior to the publishing of map version 0.02i.
Do not be concerned if you make a request and a map version comes out without your request. It is possible that the released version was in the later stages of release when you request was received. Instead, check the Requests Log and make sure that your request is shown as Planned or Upcoming.

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