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Ambaski Women Revolutionary Guard Forces

Official flag of AWRF

The Ambaski Women Revolutionary Forces is a branch in the Ambaski army. The Ambaski revolutionary army, or AWRF, is an army in ambaskow comprised of fully trained women soldiers. The AWRF works together with the Ambaski arab army in certain operations, and were introduced in January of 2022, by Muammar Haidar.

Additional info
The dress code for women in the AWRF is very strict. Women just wear military clothing that covers everything, no cleavage should be showing, and only the face should be exposed, and hair shouldn’t be showing. Women soldiers must wear a Hijab, and may choose to wear between Niqab or hijab, whichever one they are more comfortable with. Military clothing should cover the ankle, and sleeves should cover the entire arm only exposing the hands. Boots will also be put on.

Women can choose between hijab or niqab depending on how comfortable they are with it, as some like to hide more of the face than others.
Women in the army will be trained for a maximum of 14 weeks in basic training, then they will go to advanced training and will train for about 14 months, before graduating and becoming an official soldier.

Women can enlist at the minimum age of 21, and can no longer enlist once they reach the age of 45. Once a women enlist into the army, she can not leave the army until her term is up. Terms for women typically last for 4 years, but they can continue for longer in the army if they would like. Women will make about 20k AD (Ambaski Dinars) a month, and can make a maximum of up to 50k a month depending on their rank.


The average female soldier will be deployed with a primary weapon, typically being an assault rifle, the most common being the MTAU-13 assault rifle, and as a secondary usually have the TUA-16 Handgun

LinkImage of the 2 weapons