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24 September 2022
Stadiums For Jordan 2022

King Abdullah II Stadium

On today's edition on IUFF TV , we will be looking at the stadiums which will host the IUFF Global Cup 2022 in Jordaan.We start of at the King Abdullah II Stadium in the capital of Jordan , Amman.The is a sight to behold both in and out.With a seating capacity of 70,000 this stadium will be accomodating a lot of fans as well as lots of history.The stadium was originally built in 1980 but with the IUFF Global Cup coming up a contract was awarded to Udun Mordor company Black Shade to upgrade the arena.30,000 seats were added , an air conditioning system was installed to keep fans and teams cool due to the desert climate of Jordaan.It will also host the first match and the final of the tournament.Due to climate conditions also it will use artificial parks and includes refreshment , musuem , gym among other improvements.

Prince Mohammed Stadium

This stadium is located in the second host city , Zarqa.It was also upgraded with the contract given to Yunji company Yunji National Construction Corporation.It also includes the same improvements as the King Abdullah II Stadium and will host one of the semi - finals.

Al - Hassan Stadium

Located in Irbid , Jordan this arena is an art.Infused with designs from Jordanian culture and folklore and history , this stadium got the same upgrade as its counterparts.It is where group B matches will take place and will undoubtedly lots and lots of fans from all over the world.

Prince Faisal Stadium

Located in Al Karak , this stadium is my favorite and agree with me or not , it is the best above the rest.