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Jordan Wins Bid To Host Global Cup 2022

Jordan Football Association

The Jordan Football Association (JFA) (Arabic: الاتحاد الأردني لكرة القدم) is the governing body of football, futsal and beach soccer in Jordan, responsible for organizing the championships played in the country, as well as the national team matches. nationally in the different categories. It was founded in 1949 and has been affiliated with the International Football Federation (FIFA) since 1956 and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) since 1970. The headquarters are located in the country's capital, Amman, and Ali Bin Al-Hussein is the current president of the entity.

National Stadium

At Amman International Stadium, located in the Jordanian capital, with a capacity of 55,000 spectators, INTE technicians with Haitham Nazzal at the head, installed a total of 10 HQ-112.95CX systems to cover the main grandstand. The rest of the steps were covered with 12 HQ-112.43CX systems and another 2 HQ-112.64CX systems. They all have a CX finish indicating a range of protection to cover systems exposed to weather conditions. The system has amplifiers from DAS, models D-20 and D-10. The control and management signal for all elements of the installation is carried out by two DAS 2060A-DSP digital signal controllers.

King Abdullah II Stadium, Quanto ao King Abdullah II Stadium, também localizado na capital Amã e com capacidade para 50.000 espectadores, os técnicos do INTE implantaram um total de 11 sistemas HQ-112.95CX para cobrir a arquibancada principal. Outros 12 sistemas HQ-112.43CX e um par de sistemas HQ-112.64CX são responsáveis ​​por fornecer o som para os restantes. O sistema também possui amplificadores D-20 e D-10 da DAS e processadores de sinais digitais da DAS DSP-2060A que fazem o trabalho de controle e gerenciamento de toda a instalação.

Al Hasan Stadiium, with a capacity of 55,000 spectators and which is organized similarly to the previous system. Specifically, 6 HQ-112.95CX sets were placed to cover the main bench and 12 HQ-112.43CX sets for background music for the rest of the installation. Again, the D-20 and D-10 amplifiers are responsible for providing the proper signal and a DSP-2060A processor controls and manages said system.

Training camps for national teams . A total of 7 training camps were built, including 4 renovated within the organization's standards

In each stadiums and training places will be available for 24 hours a day, medical teams, firefighters and police to attend to occurrences

1 º Bus lines 24 hours connecting the stadiums , hotels and airport

2 º 2 lines of electric trains are ready to serve the fans connecting the airport to stations near the stadiums and some hotels , with the range of buses assisting the displacement

3rd The network of public and private hospitals are able to meet a demand of approximately 100 thousand people for various health cases.

4 º All delegations must present medical , food and other data .

5 º The hotels in the region have numbers of rooms in 250 beds available .

6th 5G system ready to meet the demand of the press and the public, with the network made available in the stadiums

7th The airport is qualified to meet an approximate demand of up to 70 arrivals simultaneously.