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2022 Fascist Solidarity Axis N-Day Coalition

Kickstarted by the good men of the United Fascist Workers Association, enthusiastically joined by the Fifth Empire, Fascist Confederacy, and Divine Mandate of Sanctum- FSA signatories at that date- readily joined as well by the great Union of Nationalists & The Greater Phoenix Alliance- The N-Day coalition simply and effectively named after the organization "Fascist Solidarity Axis" began forming on the final hours of the 21st of September 2022.

The ruling council of every signatory region soon gathered at an undisclosed location in a deep underground high security high tech facility codenamed the War Room. After short pleasantries had been exchanged by all parties, a multi-hour long discussion took place to assert the preliminary goals of the coalition, as well as the contingency plans for that year's iteration of the all too familiar global frenzy of Mutually Assured Destruction. The following points were vaguely agreed upon and recorded in officially-unofficial writing on the back of a coffee stained napkin:

Members of the FSA solemnly swear to fight for the imperium of the soul that is our shared common ground to our very last irradiated man;

Signatory regions shall plunder their soils for precious uranium with such disregard as if there were no nature left on the glass planet of tomorrow;

We shall always nuke first and ask questions later;

On N-day and N-day alone, to glow in the dark is considered a fact of life and not a distinguishing feature of saboteurs;

It's pronounced "nucular" :)

No fighting in the War Room!;

If the FSA is ever to perish our final detonation must be so powerful and our mushroom cloud so tall that the whole world will shake and antifa soylets will stand back in stupefaction.

Good luck, and Have Fun.

[Further N-day 2022 events may or may not be chronicled here in the aftermath]