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Information and Recommendation: Condemn Giovanniland

Regarding "Condemn Giovanniland"
Information for Voters


Condemn Giovanniland seeks to give recognition to a long-time player and region builder from the West Pacific. Condemnations are like commendations, highlighting the achievements of a player in a particular area of the game, and sometimes functioning as a career capstone. The case is well argued, and the target is deserving.


As many of you know, it has recently been a habit for Refugia's regional vote to turn out "Against" many topics in the Security Council. This has led some people to believe we have adopted a NationStates-like policy of voting against everything, but that's not remotely the case.

As Tiralta describes with clarity and grace, Refugia finds that the Security Council has been under a manner of occupation during the last year, and perhaps even longer. In this occupation, defenders have sought to block or retroactively remove recognition for raiders and occasionally even those with a tangential connection to them, with the ultimate goal of bullying them out of the website. The only proposals this group of players is interested in passing are ones that glorify them and their white-knighting -- proposals that have been rapid-fired at the highest rate of commendations ever, and the lowest rate of condemnations ever.

Refugia will be standing against those resolutions until the Security Council recognises all players once again. Condemn Giovanniland is then understandably exempt from this stance, as it is not a resolution that seeks to glorify defenderdom for the fifteenth time in a row this year, nor is it submitted by that faction's current Chosen One.

Instead, it is a proposal that recognises the region-building efforts of one of the most active, kind-hearted, and powerfully prolific players whose dedication lies exclusively with their region of choice. The resolution adequately introduces and describes the target, such that even a reader who is unfamiliar with the subject would be able to understand their history. Within the circuit of regional leaders however, it may be more likely that the target's reputation would precede them, and for two primarily strong areas of development.

The first area relates to the cards minigame, where they have been an avid and competent player since 2019, going on to take over the Collection Collection from Ponderosa in early 2020, launching many card-related events and tournaments, and running dispatches about players' regional collections, in addition to having many of their own. This type of interest and dedication at a time when the cards minigame were still developing was extraordinarily positive, encouraging to other players with the same interest, and adding to a positive culture. Giovanniland's bizarre interest in inflating the value of the West Pacific commons also created an unusual solution to NationStates admins not releasing Season 3 of cards for years, and those cards later became giveaway prizes in my own WA development programs.

Their second area was really digging the West Pacific out of the unknown in the Security Council. Many aspiring Security Council authors select targets that are easy because of their extensive history, or because they are universally popular. Gio's focus was specifically on increasing the recognition of players who had long contributed to the West Pacific's success and continuity but had no author to champion their legacy. These resolutions were of high quality and did his region honour.

Giovanniland would go on to ban half the nations in the West Pacific at least twice, which of course also satisfies my personal interest in the destruction of feeders.


Refugia recognises Giovanniland's dedication to the West Pacific and finds the nation worth of recognition. We find the subject and topic of the resolution to be a refreshing change of pace from the last year of mind-numbing agenda pushing, and we find that the author of the resolution to have eloquently presented a convincing case.

The Office of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For Condemn Giovanniland.