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A roleplay thingy a smol doe let me do

*at 3:24 am* Everyone is suddenly woken up by some calling "LADS IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP IT IS" into a megaphone. *everyone wakes up startled* Lads It's time for hide and seek come on it's time to go outside. Laforeia *weakly* huh? United Orange Valley States: I didn't know about a hide and seek time. Well lad I really don't care it's time for bloody hide and seek come on! *everyone stares confused* Alright then I'll just take you outside myself if I must Dowg: No, No we'll go we'll go. Gojira: I like this. *everyone is lead outside* Alright lads how this works is we'll make two teams, one for boys one for girls, then we'll play hide and seek! Sash Lilac: Uhh are there any ghosts here? Oh don't worry only about 7 lad, not too much. Everyone: SEVEN?!?!
Dowg You're saying there have been several ghosts just chilling here?! Oh lad, lad don't worry they don't haunt you unless you provoke them and they only get provoked when you take something that is theirs. Sash Lilac: I don't trust that. Be quiet lads now to make the teams! *splits people into two teams* There! One team for boys and one team for girls. *A smol doe looks confused* A Smol Doe: Are you sure you did the teams corr-
Shh be quiet I'm still setting up I am! Anyways two people from each team seek and the other 4 hide. If you get found by an opponent you are out, and if you get found by your own teammate you can continue hiding! I'll give out points at the end for you lads, go! Dowg:Wait whos going to be the uh nevermind.
Oh silly me I forgot to select who is going to be the seekers! Okay, the seekers can be A Smol Doe, Dowg, United Orange Valley States, and Laforeia Now go on you silly rascals! Laforeia: Huh? Who said my name? Your a seeker silly! Laforeia oh really? *starts quacking* Atlanktrop: Did you just choose everyone who didn't want to be chosen? I don't know lad did they want to? [nation]:[/nation]DowgA Smol DoeUnited Orange Valley States: No! *Laforeia quacks in the hosts face* Oh well lads I really don't care, go on then seekers count to 100 and hiders go hide. *silence* Go on now or YOU WILL BE T- Everyone: Fine Fine!!