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by The Bubbly Nerd of A Smol Doe. . 242 reads.

School!🩵EP 1.

W E L C O M E|T O|TheLandOfFunFunFun
(First day of school)
Unknow Audio/:Such a normal day!yes yes yes it is the first day of school!highschool it is :( it is sad don't you wish you were a kid and just don't be stressed out i miss those days..but oh well!✨️let's present you to me my name is Riverstones ^-^ i am 14 years old and i get along with my parents and go to church i'm not that popular but i usually am a kind girl!but now it is the first day of highschool yay..

*alarm goes on*
*Riverstones wakes up scared and falls out of bed*
Riverstones:"Ouch..wait wha!? OH I'M LATE!i overslept!shoot uhh..i don't wanna be late so i'll get ready"
*brushing her teeth*
*Riverstones goes down stairs to eat her breakfast quickly*
Riverstones:"Ok done."
Dad:"THAT FAST!?ok so i'll get the car."
*Dad gets the car and Riverstones drives to school and gets there*
Riverstones:"ok bye dad love u!"
Riverstones Audio:There she is!my 2 besties!A Smol Doe and Laforeia those two have been with me since pre-k!and i love them *whispers* although sometimes they're crazy💀but i don't really know anyone here..except my crush Three Galaxies eeek!srry i'm just a big simp for him but now i guess i have my first classs ughhhh >:( great..

First class!
*boring english class*
Riverstones:*talking outloud* "im so boreeeeed!"
*class stares at her*
Teacher:"Well miss Riverstones how about you GET OUT MY CLASSROOM!you have detention!"
Riverstones: ... I- ugh!
*TescoPepsi walks in and says "I'm sorry i'm late miss! My mom was late"*
Audio:Riverstones was speechless..a ex best freind that she hasn't seen for 3 years is back this is going to be a she the same brat?
Riverstones's Mind:NO!it can't be... t-tesco!? That brat!I just want to show her what a brat she is!*she pushes TescoPepsi*
TescoPepsi:what the h3ll!?
Teacher:I saw that young lady!Y'know what i'm calling your parents missy APOLIGIZE!
*Riverstones gets out the room slamming the door*
Teacher:*sighs* are you okay TescoPepsi
*tesco nods and sits down*
TescoPepsi's mind: That b1tch wants to play this dumb game >:D i'll show her..a lesson *physcopatic laugh in mind* AHAHAHAHAAH
*Riverstones goes to detention crying*
*Laforeia and A Smol Doe see her crying*
Both Laforeia and A Smol Doe:"Girl what's wrong?"