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United Kingdom | Special Edition Jubilee Update

Royal Messenger - Jubilee Special Edition

75th Premiership of United Kingdom

Regional Information Centre

86th Session of Parliament

Her Majesty's Government

Prime Minister: Lucas Stewart
Deputy Prime Minister: Mark Hornsey
Home Secretary: Mark Hornsey
Foreign Secretary: John Laurens-Wessex
Chancellor of the Exchequer: George Stewart

Crown Court of the United Kingdom

Crown Court Chief Judge: John Spencer-Talleyrand
Chief Judge pro tempore: Constance St. James
Senior Judge: Akillian Talleyrand
Senior Judge: Jay Dee Bonaparte
Junior Judge: Reuben Wright

The Monarchy of United Kingdom

Sovereign: HM Queen Constance II
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince David

Founded: November 10th, 2005
Ruling Family: The Royal House of Stewart

-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
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The House of Lords

Owen, Baron of Wollaton (Speaker)
HRH Prince David, Prince of Wales
HG Constance, Duchess of Bedford & York

The House of Commons

Aaron Reynolds-Bauheim (SF) of Islwyn
Elisha Menzies (SF) of Nottingham South (Speaker)
George Stewart (STAG) of Windsor
Jay Dee Bonaparte (Ind) of Blackburn
Lucas Stewart (STAG) of Brent


- Queen Constance II celebrates her Jubilee on 10 June
- Her Majesty The Queen announces intent to abdicate on 1 July
- Region united in appreciation for its Queen
- Special events planned to mark the Jubilee

The Jubilee

Queen Constance II of United Kingdom acceded to the throne on 10 June, 2022. After the surprising and controversial abdication of her predecessor, and armed with only a few weeks of preparatory experience as Princess of Wales, the new Queen took up leadership of a region often fraught with varying degrees of political crises and uncertainty. Hers was a mission of renewal: a chance for United Kingdom to chart a new path, more glorious, and more stable, and more friendly.

Ask any of Her Majesty's well-wishing subjects this weekend, and you will find that this is a mission her reign has accomplished in no small measure.

Queen Constance II To Abdicate On 1 July

All good things must come to an end, and the same is true of the reign of our Sovereign. Just before official festivities got underway, Her Majesty The Queen issued the following announcement to her people, informing them of her decision to abdicate in a few weeks' time:

Dearest citizens of NSUK,

July 1st will mark the two-year anniversary of my return to the region. I informed the Privy Council last week that it is also the day I intend to step down as Queen.

There come points in every Monarch's reign when they reflect on whether the region is best served by their continued work on the Throne, or whether it is time to pass the torch. I have reflected several times over the course of my reign on this question; this was, after all, not a position I ever seriously intended to take up, for fear I would let down the Throne and the region. Each time I have felt I have more to give the region from the Throne, and that my work was yet unfinished.

There is certainly still much I wish to do for the region, and it is not my intention to depart the region after abdication; to the contrary, the past year has created so many opportunities for those in the region to explore new ideas and continue to grow, and I am excited to take part in them. But this abdication gives us the opportunity, in the words of my great-grandfather King Edward X, for "renewed energy and ideas from the Crown."

I have the utmost faith in Prince David's ability to give his all, and likely more, in his service to the region from the Throne. His commitment to this region for the last year or more has been unparalleled. I believe he will be an excellent Sovereign for the region.

I hope that the Jubilee celebration coming up this weekend can serve as both a celebration and a commemoration of the wonderful year this region has gifted to me during my time on the Throne. I am excited to celebrate it with all of you. Preparations for the upcoming transition will begin thereafter. I look forward to the month ahead.

-Constance R.

Region United In Appreciation Of Our Queen

In such a bittersweet moment, marking one year of Queen Constance II's reign as well as her impending abdication, the citizens of United Kingdom have softened the typically-stiff British upper lip in order to publicly and directly address their appreciation to the Queen. Below, we've included a few quotes from well-wishers:

"Thank you for your service, guidance and commitment to the region. You took the throne with very little notice and stepped out to the post without a thought. You brought back stability to the region."
- John Alexander, Borrhead, former prime minister

"You have been an exemplary Queen, and one which will be regarded exceptionally highly in the annals of regional history."
- Elisha Menzies, The Eras Tour, Speaker of the House of Commons

"Thank-you for all your service which embodies the greatest virtues of our region's finest monarchs."
- St John Knight, Polite Suited Gents, former monarch

"All signs that I can gather point to [your reign] having been a continuation of a legacy of service, dedication, and light to NSUK. Thank you for providing yet another year of that legacy to this community, Your Majesty; I trust this period will be regarded well by history."
- Mayim Emanu-El-Bauheim, Nouvelle Acadie, recently-returned regional veteran

"You've been fantastic, as I always knew you would be."
- Constance St. James, Koridina, has known the Queen for 10+ years

Special Events To Mark The Jubilee

In order to celebrate the occasion, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales earlier convened a committee of regional political and cultural leaders in order to plan a slate of festivities throughout the Jubilee weekend. The British Museum has debuted exhibits on royal history and one focused on Queen Constance II herself. Parliament is expected to adopt a ceremonial resolution congratulating the Queen on her achievement. The United Kingdom Armed Forces have prepared a special version of Trooping the Colour. HM Government is coordinating activity threads and Jubilee merchandise for the forums shop. And the Palace itself is rumoured to have a Jubilee concert planned!

If any foreign visitors or diplomats wish to visit United Kingdom to partake in the festivities, all are welcome to do so.

Please telegram UK Prime Minister if you'd like to share an official statement of public congratulations for the Queen's Jubilee.

To congratulate the Queen personally, you may telegram Silver Steps directly.

So long, until next time!