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Vote FOR Security Council Proposal "Commend the Rejected Realms"

Official Recommendation of the Ministry of WA Affairs

Vote FOR "Commend the Rejected Realms"

Category: CommendationNominee: The Rejected RealmsAuthor: Westinor

Rationale & Analysis

The Rejected Realms is a long-standing community in NationStates. The existence of a stable government in the region, much less a prospering community, was never guaranteed. It's the dumping-ground for unwanted nations, ejected from their region for all manner of things -- making a fool out of oneself on a feeder's RMB, being ousted after a political struggle, or just succumbing to a raid. Indiscriminately, no matter the myriad reasons, all ejected nations meet the same fate: the Rejected Realms. The home of the forgotten and undesired. It was never meant to be a community. It was never meant to be a region like anywhere else. It was, like the name said, for the Rejected. Nothing more.

Nevertheless, those who found themselves in TRR decided, in an almost defiant denial of the game's nature, that this was not to be the case. As the 'Rejected Realms Army', or RRA, took shape, those who frequently harassed TRR soon found themselves going up against armed and organised opposition. The RRA provided a backbone for this community of disparate outcasts to erect for themselves a government. From then on, TRR would proceed to not only exist, but thrive. TRR does not discriminate as to its membership. Raiders have served, and do serve, in its offices, as do defenders. It ultimately found its identity in being a community of inclusion not exclusion -- focusing not on what drove them apart from the rest of NationStates, but the sole mechanism by which they were all brought together.

There is no community quite like TRR, and there never will be another. Throughout its history, the RRA has stood proud defending not only the legitimacy and position of TRR's own government - a democracy in which every citizen is granted free and equal voice - but those of many other regions who sit in the same sort of peril that TRR, once upon a time, did as well. This commendation just barely does it justice, yet nevertheless it is the commendation with which the natives of TRR are happy with -- and so the Ministry shall support it as well.

As such, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has directed Kethania to vote FOR "Commend the Rejected Realms", and urges the Bloc's World Assembly nations to do the same.

Analysis By: Mlakhavia
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