by Max Barry

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The Crusade That Backfired

Long ago, the kingdom of Nyyx lay undiscovered, nestled in a tiny valley, shrouded in mist. But one day, a vanguard from the neighboring kingdom sought to take this mysterious land for their own. So they sent a squadron of their most elite warriors and warlocks, and sought to take it by force. Little did they know, the land of Nyyx was full of beings known as the Xyr (Zsh-EE-re). These were the people of the kingdom, who did ride upon the majestic Wyverns. They lay in wait, hiding in the forests of the Impossible Trees. When the army arrived to conquer this land, the Xyr swooped out of the trees, decimating the warriors, and stealing the very Magyyk from the warlocks, leaving them as souless husks, which the Wyverns snapped up hungrily. The Xyr sent a diplomat to the neighboring kingdom to express their sorrow at the unfortunate battle, but the delegates of the neighboring kingdom wanted to hear none of this. And so, the Xyr removed the Unnamed Kingdom from this plain of existence, to the Great Wyrm knows where.

The Divine Technocracy of Nyyx