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The Impossible Forest

Surrounding the kingdom of Nyyx are the Amphibious Mountains, called so for the vast number of ponds filled with numerous species of frogs and salamanders. But bordering the mountains and spanning the entire circumference of the kingdom of Nyyx is the Impossible Forest. This forest is home to the Imaginary Trees, trees with no end. In reality, the trees produce a sporadic compound that makes the inhaler unable to tell that they aren't moving at all. The spore tells the "victim" to move to the nearest branch, then the "victim" sits down, coming out of their stupor a little dazed, but healthy, alive, and having some very vivid dreams to tell their friends. The trees are also sentient, and can commune with the Archlord from anywhere within the kingdom. They are his eyes and ears, and can even show the Archlord what they see.

The Divine Technocracy of Nyyx