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Animals: The Wyvern

The Wyvern are large Wyrms, measuring up to 40 meters in length. They are normally very docile, but when required, they have no match in combat, not even in Man's Technology. They can breathe white hot fire onto their enemies, a flame so hot it could melt through diamonds. They have Vorpal claws that are about five meters long, and are retractable. And yes, their claws do go snicker-snack, and can slice through any substance. Another valuable feature of the Wyvern is their wings and their ability of Flight. Their wingspan is always exactly twice the length of their body from head to the start of the tail. They can fly for extended periods of time, the strongest being able to sustain flight for weeks. They can also fly upwards of speeds of 321 kph (200 mph). Their tails are roughly the same length as the torso, and end in a deadly blade-like bone, hardened to a fine point, comparable to a spear head. But these magnificent creatures are much more than deadly weapons; they are sentient. The Wyvern have lived symbiotically with the Xyr for eons, each Wyvern paired with a newborn Xyr, and the pair become Spiritkin. They can then telepathically communicate with one another. And like most sentient beings in the kingdom of Nyyx, the Archlord can see through the eyes of all Wyvern.

The Divine Technocracy of Nyyx