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The Great Wyrm

Long have the people of Nyyx known of their creator, the Great Wyrm, known also Phafnyr. He molded the first pair of the Wyverns and Xyr from four of his Divine Scales, and the Four became the rulers of the land. The male of the Xyr Matekin became the first Archlord, while the female took her place as the Lorekeeper. The Wyvern would be called later as the Balances, and gave rise to the powerful beings known today. The Great Wyrm went on to create other projects, including new worlds that it would place the names of in an ancient tome for the Lorekeeper to read. These the Xyr would try to make contact with, and start trading with. Eventually the myriad of civilizations would form a vast empire, that would spread their message of good will throughout the cosmos.

The Divine Technocracy of Nyyx