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The Archlord and the Lorekeeper

The Archlord
The male counterpart of the rulers of Nyyx gains the title of Archlord as soon as he inherits the throne. This title bestows upon him the wisdom and knowledge of all his predecessors. It then grants him the ability to see through the eyes of all inhabitants of his land. This allows him to be omniscient, and when conflict arises, he is quick to settle disputes, already knowing both sides of the story. This is why arguements are rare, because people tend to think from both sides of things so to be fair.
The Lorekeeper
The female counterpart of the rulers of Nyyx gains the title of Lorekeeper upon her mate's ascension. She is responsible for one of the most important tasks in the kingdom: recording all knowledge for future reference amongst the peoplee of Nyyx. She acquires most of this knowledge from her Mate, who, being omniscient and having the ability to telepathically commune with his Mate, can translate the information to her instantaneously.

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