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Church of Transcendental Hatred

The Church of Transcendental Hatred

Followers: 87,330,920 (2017)
Founded: ~5,000 BCE
Core beliefs: Misotheism, religious transhumanism
Founder: St. Marukh, the Monkey-Prophet
Leader: High Priest Ezekyle Norkevendacious
Status: Officially-recognized national religion of Despoticania
Headquarters: Temple of Primal Hatred, Starfall, Despoticania


The Church of Transcendental Hatred is the national religion of Despoticania. The Church, supposedly founded around 5000 BC by the Monkey-Prophet St. Marukh, has no specific deities. Instead, it bases its ideology around the idea that whatever god(s) are responsible for creation, created the world and the mortals to mock them and use them as playthings out of boredom or sheer malice. The Church's solution to this unbearable situation is to hate the divine powers with such a venomous passion that they'll be suppressed and made powerless by the sheer power of the mortals' hatred.

The Church's followers' (known as Haters) ultimate goal is to use whatever means necessary to become gods themselves, kill the old gods for good and then create new worlds of their dreams. In their frenzied hate rituals, the Haters mock the heavens, cut themselves and burn wicker effigies meant to symbolize gods. Hater priests are known to channel the hatred of their followers to manifest supernatural powers.

The Church of Transcendental Hatred was, for millennia, a very influential part of Despoticanian culture before being separated from the increasingly secular state in 1889 AD. Even after the separation it remained the largest religious organization in Despoticania, and in 2016 it made an alliance with the Necrotechnomancers Union, another organization interested in improving the soul through unconventional means. Later that year, the Church convinced The Despot to reinstate it as the officially recognized national religion. The Church's goals align well with the transhumanist culture of modern day Despoticania: they fervently support human enhancement technologies in an attempt to shed the weak "mock-bodies" given to them by the gods.

Membership in the Church is not mandatory for Despoticanian citizens, but the Church is officially endorsed by the state and has the power to tax its members. They also have free access to the latest innovations of human enhancement research sponsored by the state.

While The Despot is the nominal head of the Church, in practice the Haters are led by their High Priest, Zeke Norkevendacious.

The Seven Truths of the Haters

1. Gods exist.

2. Gods are evil.

3. Gods want us to suffer.

4. Gods want us to remain prisoners of our mortality.

5. Gods must die for us to truly be free.

6. Hate is the first step on the road to kill the gods.

7. Killing the gods is the final step on the road to divinity.

The Seven Sins of the Haters

1. Solipsism

2. Stupidity

3. Humility

4. Conformity

5. Self-deceit

6. Lack of imagination

7. Contentedness

Mantra of the Haters

Hate! Hate! Hate!
We hate you
We hate your creation
We hate this Prison of Limitations
By the Power of our Hatred
The Prison is shattered
The creation is purged
You are removed
And we can finally be