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Warrior Priest Festibariyatid

Warrior Priest Festibariyatid (1312-1195 BC) is one of the most legendary historical figures of Despoticania. He was an explorer and missionary in service to the Church of Transcendental Hatred who sailed around the world with a large fleet of warships, searching for gods to "kill" and people to convert into Haters. Festibariyatid was a passionate speaker and could drive his followers into a frenzy of hatred and bloodlust. He was also a psychic who could channel the power of this hatred into various supernatural powers, including terrible curses, deadly gaze and fire from his fingertips.

Despite Festibariyatid's religious motivations, his best-known achievements were the discoveries he made during his travels. He mapped the coastlines of both Tyrannia and Oppressaria and, at least according to his journals, invented a primitive diving bell to explore an ancient sunken continent in the southern ocean.

He died, aged 117, as the High Priest of the great city of caverns that is now Despoticania Prime.