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Necrotechnomancers' Union

Founded in 1912, the Necrotechnomancers' Union is a relatively young quasi-religious organization devoted to, in their own words, "the Mysteries of the Spirit and the Machine". They combine necromantic magic and advanced technology in previously-unseen ways and seek alternative ways to attain immortality. Their highest ranks consist of undead Cyberliches, and their fortress Towen is guarded by Forge Knights, metal constructs armed with advanced weapons and powered by the bound souls of failed initiates (and various other unfortunate individuals who have managed to earn the mages' ire). In 2016 the Necrotechnomancers Union made an alliance with the Church of Transcendental Hatred, another religious organization seeking to improve the Despoticanian people by whatever means necessary.

The Necrotechnomancers are currently led by Archmagister Sil Menelag, an ancient, mysterious mage of immense power.

Ranks of the Necrotechnomancers' Union
(From the lowest to the highest)

1. Initiate
2. Apprentice
3. Retainer
4. Oathman
5. Journeyman
6. Spellwright
7. Conjurer
8. Wizard
9. Master
10. Archmagister