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Despoticanian Navy

As an island nation, Despoticania has long naval traditions stretching back several millennia. The Despoticanian Navy is the by far the best-funded arm of the military and maintains a large fleet of powerful and modern warships designed to ensure that when diplomacy fails, Despoticania can always enforce its status as the unofficial leader of The Alliance of Dictators with brute force. The most notable features of the Despoticanian Navy are high levels of automation and a large number of carriers.

The Despoticanian Navy is currently commanded by Fleet Admiral Camilla Shokerandit.

Surface warships

Islanda class sea fortress

Despite its superpower status, Despoticania has relatively few military based abroad. The Islanda class sea fortress is the solution to this deficiency, allowing the Despoticanian Navy to bring its own mobile bases wherever they need to be. While technically classified as ships, the sea fortresses move with the speed and maneuverability of icebergs, and can take several weeks to relocate from one place to the next.

Ships in class: 3

Mary Sue class drone carrier

Generally regarded as the core of the Navy and symbol of Despoticania's military might, Mary Sue class drone carriers can carry hundreds of AI-controlled drone aircraft into battle. They also boast a relatively heavy armament (for a carrier), consisting of anti-aircraft missiles, laser turrets, torpedo tubes and hypersonic cruise missiles.

Ships in class: 29

Ainur class light carrier

A small, fast carrier, originally built to carry human-piloted aircraft but later modified to carry drones instead. Ainur class light carriers are often attached to larger battle groups centered around Mary Sue class ships to provide additional air power, although it is not uncommon for them to operate as the core of their own strike force in groups of 3-5. Ainur class light carriers have minimal defensive armament of a few gun-based CIWS.

Ships in class: 36

Powergamer class battlecruiser

An experimental class with [REDACTED]

Ships in class: 2

Starfall class arsenal ship

A large, mostly automated warship designed to fight at extremely long ranges, the Starfall class ships are more like floating missile platforms than true ships. Their armament consists almost entirely of vertical launch bays for cruise missiles.

Ships in class: 24

Archon class warship


Ships in class: 18

Juggernaut class guided missile cruiser

Juggernaut class guided missile cruisers form the backbone of the Navy, carrying a heavy and varied armament of missiles and a pair of heavy railgun turrets.

Ships in class: 72

Terminator class robot ship

A completely automated warship controlled by advanced onboard AI systems, the Terminator specializes in long-range combat and electronic warfare. While they don't have crew in the traditional sense, they are defended by dozens of robot guardians easily capable of repelling most boarding actions.

Ships in class: 104

Ariel class guided missile destroyer

A heavily armed destroyer built in large numbers to act as guardians of the Navy's larger ships. Ariel class guided missile destroyers are equipped with an extremely advanced active electronically scanned array radar.

Ships in class: 136

Festibariyatid class multi-role destroyer

Named after the legendary Warrior Priest Festibariyatid, the Festibariyatid class is a multi-role destroyer designed to support ground forces in land attacks, in addition to the usual destroyer missions of anti-air, anti-surface and undersea warfare. Its heavy railguns can fire precision-guided projectiles with a range of up to 120 nautical miles.

Ships in class: 62

Shadow class fast destroyer

While the Despoticanian Navy has always preferred slow-moving brute force to hit-and-run tactics, it has developed a light destroyer class optimized for speed to conduct operations where raw force is insufficient.

Ships in class: 38

Scorpion class frigate

A small and fast trimaran warship used mainly as an escort of larger vessels. These ships are known to be heavily automated, and as a result, they have very small crews.

Ships in class: 74

Sprite class patrol boat

A small coastal patrol boat, usually organized in squadrons of 2-6 vessels. This class is very numerous, as they are used to ensure that no hostile craft reach the coasts of Despoticania undetected. They operate from the numerous smaller military bases along the coast of Despoticania.

Ships in class: 162


Kraken class submarine carrier

The newest and most unconventional addition to the Despoticanian submarine fleet, the Kraken is a submersible aircraft carrier. Still in prototype stage, only two Kraken class vessels have been constructed, and they are currently undergoing sea trials. In addition to their carried aircraft, Kraken class vessels are armed with numerous torpedo launchers and intercontinental ballistic missile silos.

Ships in class: 2

Megalodon class submarine

The largest and most powerful of the three submarine classes currently in service, the Megalodon is a massive underwater ship armed with numerous torpedo tubes, ICBMs and a huge nuclear cannon. They also have an experimental sonic pulse weapon designed to destroy nearby living targets or even smaller submarines, and can deploy swarms of AI-controlled underwater drones armed with close combat weapons.

Ships in class: 46

Serpent class submarine

A fast and maneuverable submarine armed with experimental directed energy weapons in addition to the more traditional armament of torpedoes.

Ships in class: 65

Auxiliary ships

Cascada class repair ship

The Cascada class is designed to repair ships at sea or in forward areas to allow them to return to service quicker, while also increasing the chance of survival for ships critically damaged in battle. Their only armament consists of a pair of automated CIWS.

Ships in class: 22

Sibornal class support ship

The Sibornal is a mass-produced ship class designed to perform underway replenishment duties. Because of their important function, ships of this class are armed with anti-air missiles and numerous CIWS.

Ships in class: 79

Egghead class science ship

These ships investigate naval concerns, such as submarine and mine detection, sonar and weapon trialling.

Ships in class: 7

Tarantula class minelayer

A minimally armed ship designed to deploy sea mines along the coasts of Despoticania.

Ships in class: 4

Mudcrab class landing craft

A ship class used to convey a landing force (infantry and vehicles) from the sea to the shore during an amphibious assault.

Ships in class: 81

Mothball fleet

Alamaya class carrier

Most traditional aircraft carriers of the Despoticanian Navy have either been scrapped or refitted to carry drones. However, Despoticania still maintains two carriers designed to carry human-piloted aircraft in the reserve fleet.

Ships in class: 2

Shocker class battleship

Despite their outdated nature, The Despot has been adamant in maintaining the sole remaining big gun battleship of the Despoticanian Navy in the reserve fleet.

Ships in class: 1

Balu class frigate

Built in the 1970's, Balu class frigates were eventually replaced by the more advanced Scorpion class. However, several of them are still maintained in the reserve fleet to be activated in case of an emergency.

Ships in class: 21