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Despoticanian Army

The Despoticanian Army, responsible for ground combat, is split into five distinct branches: The Sword, The Hammer, the Wand, the Dagger and the Golem. Each of the five has its own command structure and combat style, although they all operate under the Supreme Commander of the Army, an office currently held by War Marshal Jane J. Nemes.

The Sword

The Sword branch consists solely of volunteers clad in medium power armor. They receive attractive pay and numerous benefits, including free access to military grade implants. The Sword is the most "traditional" branch of the Despoticanian Army, and their operations are often marked by seamless cooperation with both the Navy and the Air Force, and heavy use of vehicles.

Active personnel: 250,000

DAPA-13b type combat power armor

A medium power armor with integrated tactical AI and automated medical systems. It is environmentally sealed to protect the user from various hazards, including chemical and biological weapons. A soldier clad in a DAPA-13b type combat power armor can maintain a running speed of 35 km/h for several hours while carrying 200 kg of equipment.

Fury class recon buggy

A lightly armored but extremely fast and mobile vehicle, the Fury is used mainly for recon operations, but can also provide fire support for infantry and heavier vehicles. It is armed with two anti-infantry miniguns and a missile launcher.

Nasdra class AIFV

A heavily-armed infantry fighting vehicle/armored personnel carrier hybrid, the Nasdra can transport a full squad of soldiers across the battlefield and provide them with both ground support and anti-air coverage with its rapid-firing flak gun and RPG launcher.

Goliath class main battle tank

The main battle tank of the Despoticanian Army, the Goliath forms the backbone of most operations requiring heavy armor support. It is armed with a 130 mm railgun and three remotely operated anti-infantry machine guns.

Eclipse class super tank

The heaviest combat vehicle used by the Despoticanian Army, the Eclipse is a powerful juggernaut armed with two 270 mm railguns, two anti-air/anti-armor missile pods, two anti-infantry machine guns and a multipurpose autocannon. Eclipse class super tanks are used sparingly in the most dangerous of combat operations, usually for frontal assault. They are almost always escorted by several smaller vehicles, such as Nasdra class AIFVs and Goliath class main battle tanks.

Killer Hornet class rocket artillery

Named after the infamous giant hornet species living in the southern swamplands of Despoticania, the Killer Hornet is a rocket artillery vehicle armed with "smart" rockets, each equipped with a rudimentary AI system capable of identifying targets and avoiding all but the most sophisticated of countermeasures. Because of the high cost of the Killer Hornet rockets, they are usually reserved for use only against the most important targets.

Tremor class artillery

A mobile artillery vehicle with two massive cannons, the Tremor class is used both in defence and to soften up enemy positions during assault.

Geonaut class command crawler

The Geonaut is a mobile command center for military commanders operating in unknown and/or extremely hostile environments. It is the largest and heaviest land vehicle used by the Despoticanian Army, surpassing even the Eclipse-class super tank in size. However, unlike the Eclipse, the Geonaut is not truly intended for direct combat operations; instead, advanced C3 systems and quantical AI cores housing the most sophisticated tactical analysis programs developed by the Army fill most of its interior. The Geonaut is only included in the largest and most important of combat operations, where direct supervision by an experienced tactician is required. In battle, it is invariably well protected and always escorted by dozens of smaller combat and support vehicles. Despite not being intended for direct warfare, the Geonaut carries heavy armor and armament as a last line of defence.

The Hammer

The Hammer branch consists of vat-grown clone troopers trained since birth to fight and kill. With accelerated growth and hypno-suggestive training, it takes roughly 6 years to produce adult soldiers. The Hammer specializes in massed attacks and attrition warfare.

Active personnel: 750,000

The Wand

The Wand branch consists of magically-gifted personnel, whose natural abilities are futher augmented by implants and alchemical solutions dispensed by their AI-controlled suits. They provide various supernatural services, ranging from curses to divination to direct combat magic.

Active personnel: 25,000

The Dagger

The Dagger branch consists of heavily-modified elite soldiers clad in heavy power armor and equipped with the best weapons Despoticanian military labs have ever produced. Their training is incredibly harsh, and less than half of trainees survive. The Dagger branch soldiers are used as terror troops and special forces in situations of particular interest to The Despot.

Active personnel: 12,500

The Golem

The newest branch, the Golem, consists entirely of AI-controlled military robots. In the last few years, it has become increasingly central in Despoticania's military doctrine.

Active personnel: unknown