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The Elvaryan Regional Constitution

The Elvaryan Regional Constitution
Established for the use of law by the Government of Elvarya

Article I - The Regional Government

I. The Regional Government of Elvarya shall be comprised of a panel of democratically chosen officers of the state.
II. The Panel shall be comprised of a Council of Secretaries, by which the executive powers are vested within the region and that the Council shall make all Regional decisions based on unanimity (A Poll)
III. By rights given to the Founder, he bears the right to appoint and dismiss any officers of state by right of good reason and proof.

A. A Secretary of Admissions will be tasked with overseeing recruitment and handling the application process.
B. A Secretary of Records will be tasked with maintaining historical records pertaining to shared in-character events.
C. A Secretary of Law will be tasked with assisting the judicial process, mediating disputes between Elvaryan nationals, and providing definite interpretation of this Constitution.
D. A Secretary of Assistance will be tasked with tutoring and mentoring the Elvaryan citizens who required guidance and training for in-character events and proper Roleplay.
E. A Secretary of Cartography will be tasked with the upkeep and updating of the Regional map. He will have the same powers as all other Secretaries.

Article II - The General Rules

I. No Nation in-character or out-of-character shall attempt to provoke hostility within the Regional Message Board, no exceptions.
II. Outside politics or any topics deemed divisive will not be discussed on the Regional Message Board but can be actively shared through the use of the regional discord, so long as it does not carry over into the Regional Message Board.
III. Any and all discussions will be carried out in a civilized and polite manner. No exceptions.
IV. The members of the regional government reserve the right to suppress any posts appearing to violate the General rules, or intervene during a conversation deemed divisive.
V. Citizens of Elvarya shall be expected to maintain activeness both on the Regional Message Board and in Roleplays, unless prior warning has been given of an incoming period of inactivity, NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to do so will result in a single warning and 24-48 hours to show some form (RPs, RMB, News) of activity within the region. Failure to heed the warning will result in Ejection.

Article III -Citizenship and Application

I. A citizen of Elvarya shall be known as any person who has been allowed a permanent presence in Elvarya by the Regional government.
II. The Secretary of Admissions shall be responsible for handling all admissions applications and granting citizenship.
IIb. The Secretary of Admissions shall coordinate with the regional government in deciding requirements for citizenship.

Article IV - Right to Petition

I. Any citizen has the right to request a poll to be held.
II. The government shall be obliged by law to host the requested poll.
III. The results of the Poll shall not be binding in any way unless the government explicitly agrees to adhere to the decision of the poll.

Article V - Records

I. All citizens shall be expected to contribute to the regional worldbuilding efforts.
II.The Secretary of Records shall be expected to take initiative in establishing entries pertaining to regional events or occurrences.
IIb. The Secretary of Records is hereby given authorization to use any program that makes worldbuilding easier and better looking.

Article VI - Rule Enforcement

I. An Elvaryan citizen may be temporarily ejected or have his/her citizenship revoked permanently for violating General Rules as discussed in Article II.
II. A citizen subject to ejection/ejection & ban bears the right to appeal the ruling by reaching out to the Secretary of Law. If the ruling deems that citizen ejected was not breaking any constitutional laws, the Secretary of Law bears the right to unban them and allow them back in. If any other Secretaries rejects this decision and ejects/bans them again, they are subject to loss of position by the Secretary of Law.
[center]A. The government shall maintain transparency and publicly disclose all transcripts of this hearing, with the sole exception being as private information being discussed.
B. The Secretary of Law may be requested by the government to take part in the hearing.
C. Any citizen with a proven interest may request to spectate in the hearings. The Government bears the right to accept or deny the request.
D. The Outcome of all hearings shall be settled by the Secretary of Law.
E. During the absence of most of the government, the Founder wields the authority to suppress posts, eject citizens for violating the General Rules of Article II, and dismiss or appoint members of the regional government without prior request.