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The Kavimagus

The planet of Aerogeos© is watched over by a council of omnipotent beings, known by the Xyr and their neighbors only as the Kavimagus. These watchers keep an eye on the planet, and tend to any temporal or spatial rifts. They are the only ones who know how to get to the planet, outside of the Xyr, and use this knowledge for good. they go through time and space, collecting great leaders, incredible thinkers, and loving souls, and fill Aerogeos© with these specimens. They also have places next to the Archlord and Lorekeeper's throne, in seats of great power. they guide the current leaders to glory, tending the planet to become one of the greatest paradises in the universe. While the influx of new-comers makes this difficult, Nyyx is on its way to becoming the perfect paradise.

The Divine Technocracy of Nyyx