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Aerogeos is a Class U planet, Exception 0001, located at the literal center of the universe. While the planet is Class U, ranking in 121,000,000 kilometers in diameter, it is the first exception. It is made up of floating continents, each roughly the size of Earth, flattened. This planet is circled by three suns, and it acts as a ley-gate between three parallel universes. The people who live on the planet of Aerogeos, known amongst their race as the Xyr, are able to traverse from the planet into any of the three bordering universes. But only they and a handful of wise, sentient beings, called the Kavimagus, know how to travel to the planet, for its entry is known only to them. Any who have tried to get to this planet with malevolent or greedy intentions are shocked to find that no planet exists in the quadrants it once did. But those who arrive at the planet with curious, benevolent intentions are welcomed with open arms.

The Divine Technocracy of Nyyx