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"Peace through unity, unity through conquest"

About Lily:
Lily is a military organization with focus on region building. Its structure consists of signatory regions with joint military, whose members unite underneath the Lily banner to further spread our message and to keep peace in the turbulent world of NationStates. Lily officially recognizes leadership of individual member regions and seeks to provide them with military protection, training and means to promote their growth. For a full list of benefits, read here

Any region can enjoy the benefits and become a fully realized member of Lily, provided that it can fullfill and agree with these requirements:
  • Lily becomes the regional military of all signatories. Military operations will be carried out by the joint forces of all members from signatory regions.

  • Designated official from Lily is allowed to recruit, for military purposes only, on regional message boards of all member regions.

  • Each region is required to join the Delegate Assembly. Regional delegates/founders can fill this position or a speaker can be appointed to represent your region, if necessary.

  • This dispatch will be pinned in every member region and the following membership tag will be displayed in your world factbook entry:

Contact information:
Whether you want to join as an individual or negotiate on behalf of your region, we are always open to inquiries. If you have any questions regarding our operation or are interested in joining, send a telegram to Sweeze.

You are welcome to look around and discuss in our regional discord Linkhere and our forums Linkhere

The Join Lily of Lily Publications Office