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All Hallow's Coup

October 26th 212NCLM, il-Hollum Community Park

At the tolling of the second bell after dawn, Lc Clcl, district chief of il-Hollum, announced that agents representing a coalition of all the district chiefs of Ileite had commenced, and already succeeded, in a violent coup of the central government. All-leader Aberdn Bclt's body was dragged into the commons of the Marenali temple, where the military stood by without intervening and, at their behest, Spirit Speaker Lwt It decertified the state religion and relinquished any and all personal authority.

Lc Clcl's proclamation in il-Hollum denounced any notion of central rule, and with the military's backing declared every district in Ileite would henceforth operate independently solely under the direction of their district, regional, or village chief. The status of Marenali as the national capital was dissolved, and as the nexus of the All Hallow's Coup, il-Hollum was named the new nominal capital.

No direction was given as to the status of state-owned corporations, or when the military -- which had in lockstep moved to secure the coup at dawn, defending and propping up the now-preeminent local chiefs -- would resume normal operation, and whether their vigil was truly only a vigil, or concealed a veritable junta government.

Lc Clcl concluded his announcements to mixed reactions from a growing crowd, claiming he mustn't say anything more in order to avoid repeating the mistakes that they had just dismantled: citizens must turn now, he said, to their local leaders. A vocal minority in the crowd burst into screams of protest and confusion, prompting Clcl to turn around and with grim face return to the podium.

"I cannot help you," he said, "if you are unhappy with this new rule of law. This is how our people lived when we first left Heiber and became a single people and culture. This is how we will live again," he sought to conclude, quieting most of the crowd, but he spoke again after the vocal minority continued to shriek in distress. "If you are so unhappy, do as we did back in your own cities. The people will rule our leaders, and not vice-versa," he finished and walked away leaving the crowd increasingly restless.

At the time of reporting, soldiers had begun to disperse the crowd while yet more of their number looked on from perches of advantage, roofs and the like, they seemingly assumed in the pre-dawn dark. Silent looks of disquiet and confusion from citizens being herded underneath suggested an unspoken suspicion that the military was to play a larger role in this new "decentralized" government than was announced.