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RP Characters

Short descriptions of the most important characters in various AoD roleplays involving Despoticania.

The Church of Transcendental Hatred

High Priest Zeke Norkevendacious

High Priest Ezekyle "Zeke" Norkevendacious (born 12.12.1954) is the leader of the Church of Transcendental Hatred and the official religious advisor of The Despot. Born and raised as a Hater in the city of Starfall, he is known to be exceptionally zealous and fanatic, and is always seeking ways to spread the message of the Church. He became the High Priest in 2006, after defeating the previous High Priest - whom he regarded as "weak and disgusting failure" - in a duel to the death. He is also known for his oratory skills, which were enough to convince The Despot to reinstate the Church as the official state religion of Despoticania in 2016, after 127 years of separation.

Warrior Priest Luterin Shokerandit

Age: 58
Gender: Male

Leader of the Despoticanian task force sent by High Priest Zeke Norkevendacious to capture Veradax and destroy the Acolytes of Pathosis. Very loyal to the Church of Transcendental Hatred and a fairly good tactician, but somewhat lacking in strategic skills.

High Zealot Kynes

Age: 37
Gender: Female

Warrior Priest Shokerandit's second-in-command. An extremely fanatical warrior with no doubts whatsoever about the justification of the Church's cause. An excellent fighter with the ability to keep discipline with her intimidating presence, Kynes is otherwise not a particularly good commander.

Zealot Neraviktura

Age: 28
Gender: Male

A high-ranking Church official serving under High Zealot Kynes. Unlike most of his comrades, Zealot Neraviktura is, quite ironically, not particularly zealous. Despite his frightening appearance and very heavy augmentations, he is first and foremost a clerk and bureaucrat.

The Necrotechnomancers' Union

Master Raynil

Age: unknown
Gender: unknown

One of the more approachable and open-minded - yet paradoxically, one of the most mysterious - Masters of the Necrotechnomancers' Union, Raynil is an ancient cyberlich who has been around for centuries. Nowadays Raynil is known for its patience and responsibility, and often acts as the unofficial representative of the Union when the reclusive organization deals with outsiders. However, those familiar with some of the more obscure details of the Despoticanian history know that Raynil has a darker side: in the past, it committed many atrocities and highly unethical magical experiments on innocent people, up to mind-controlling and brainwashing an entire village.

Master Anolianth

Age: unknown
Gender: unknown

A powerful cyberlich Master who specializes in combat magic and the creation of magical constructs, Anolianth is known for its short temper and twisted sense of humor. At various points in history before the formation of the Necrotechnomancers' Union, Anolianth has been at war with almost all other Master liches over the control of magically active locations or enchanted artifacts and objects. Today Anolianth is responsible for the creation of the Forge Knights, the golem-like guardians of Towen, the Union's fortress-like monastery.

Master Rongoteus

Age: unknown
Gender: male (?)

Master Rongoteus is a cyberlich and the foremost animancer of the Necrotechnomancers' Union. It excels in the manipulation and harnessing of life energies and has pioneered many innovative ways to bind souls or their fragments to inanimate objects. More recently, it has also been experimenting with technomancy. Rongoteus is known as a scholar of history and is particularly interested in the ways ancient cultures with magical talent enchanted various items, weapons or even locations.

Master Fawthali

Age: unknown
Gender: female (?)

Fawthali is the Master of the Hunt - it leads a group of combat-oriented mages tasked with hunting for various creatures whose souls are used by the Necrotechnomancers in familiar creation and various other experiments. Occasionally, outsiders hire the Hunters to eliminate particularly dangerous creatures, which are a constant threat in the Despoticanian arctic. Unlike most cyberliches, who have at least nominally human shape, Fawthali has chosen the form of giant wolf made of Living Metal. Fawthali is very protective of its "pack" and will always ensure their safety during hunting trips. Fawthali has openly admitted that at least part of the reason it chose the life of a hunter is that centuries earlier, its own experiments created some of the mutants and monsters which plague Despoticania today.

Oathman Ireyon

Age: 34
Gender: female

A heavily combat-oriented mage, Ireyon Teradok is one of Master Anolianth's former apprentices. Having recently attained the rank of Oathman, she has started her independent studies and also - unusually early for a mage of her rank - begun the conversion into a cyberlich by replacing parts of her body with Living Metal and other types of enchanted components. Unlike most warmages, Ireyon prefers melee over ranged combat, using her powers to augment her physical attacks. Her weapon of choice is an enchanted quarterstaff keyed to her life energy signature.

Initiate Madyra Matrassyl

Age: 19
Gender: male

Madyra Matrassyl is the youngest of the trio of initiates who recently arrived in Towen when the Necrotechnomancers deemed his Gift of magic strong enough to allow him in. Proud and showy, Madyra is extremely talented but lacks discipline and sometimes has hard time accepting orders and instructions from the older mages.

Initiate Myrdem Inggala

Age: 21
Gender: female

Myrdem Inggala is the second youngest of the three initiates who were recently admitted to Towen. While not as powerful as Madyra, she has natural talent for summoning and astral projection. Easily excited and carefree, Myrdem does not always see the dangers magical talent can pose both to its wielder and those around her.

Initiate Kilander Bansity

Age: 34
Gender: male

Kilander Bansity is the oldest of the three initiates currently studying at Towen. His Gift of magic manifested only recently, and while he already had a paying job as a biologist, he eventually chose to start developing his magical talent instead. Calm and meticulous, Kilander more than makes up for his lack of raw power with patience and ability to concentrate. Occasionally he finds himself keeping the younger initiates in check.

The Dragonspire Institute

Dr. Ignatio Chandra

Age: 130
Gender: Male

The director of the Dragonspire Institute, Dr. Ignatio Chandra is a full-body cyborg whose heavily augmented brain - housed deep within his armored exoskeleton - is the only remaining part of his original, biological body. While Chandra has no magical talent of his own, he has always been fascinated by the unknown and is always seeking ways to unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe. He is prepared to take risks to achieve his goals, and while some have called him careless, he is known to get results - no matter the cost.

The Despoticanian Military

Captain Asperamanka

Age: 61
Gender: Male

Commander of the Sword-branch soldiers attached to Warrior Priest Shokerandit's task force. An excellent strategist and commander and a veteran of many battles. Heavily augmented. Non-religious and thus somewhat reluctant to follow the Church's orders.

Navy Captain Jeseratabhar

Age: 44
Gender: Female

Captain of the Mary Sue-class drone carrier Misanthropy, the flagship of Warrior Priest Shokerandit's task force. A loyal officer of the Despoticanian Navy who spends most of her time immersed in combat autism. Doesn't really care what she is fighting for as long as she gets to fight. Shows signs of demihuman ancestry.

Colonel Sofia S. Nemes

Age: unknown
Gender: Female (?)

A Nemes-class Special Operative and the highest-ranking officer of the Despoticanian military attached to the Church task force, Nemes is a semi-independent extension of The Despot, acting as his eyes and ears and ensuring that Despoticanian interests are served over the Church's interests. Like all Nemes-class Special Operatives, she is an incredibly deadly vat-grown construct incorporating biological, mechanical and even magical components.