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by The Fascist Flock of New Birblands. . 87 reads.

Birblands Military

New birblands is just a bunch of birbs with knives
About 48.699000 million military men (with standard birb combat knives)

Upsides: pretty expendable amounts of troops
Downsides: they like to accidentally stab eachother a lot, they are not at all smart, they don't listen to directions well, they stand 0 chance against guns, etc.

81,000 firebirbs (birbs with flamethrowers)

Upsides: firebirbs good for clearing out land
Downsides: sometimes the gas carried on their back is too heavy and they get crushed in the weight, flamethrowers are expensive, these birbs are also stupid and may mistake own troops for enemies.

1,100,000 protobyte marksmen

Upsides: Protobytes are good guns

100,000 sniper marksmen

Upsides: snipers powerful
Downsides: snipers heavy, birbs are bad marksmen (Not usually used in battle)

1000 hyperbyte troopers:

Upsides: very powerful, rivaling even the power of tanks, but much easier to carry
Downsides: Expensive training is necessary, the guns themselves are expensive, good ammo is usually expensive, etc.
Note: Until we can either figure out an easier way to manufacture this, or at the very least an easier way to make ammo for it, it will not have a high supply of troopers.

10,000 anti-aircraft gunmen
10,000 anti-tank gunmen

Extra weaponry:
10,000 flamethrowers