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Welcome everyone!

All WA nations are required to endorse our WA Regional Delegate, Asgard delegate, as soon as his application for the World Assembly has been approved. Thanks!

Raxion here! With my Colony, Nilius.

Woo hoo, welcome Rax!

Ambroscus koth

Minister of Pain and Suffering reporting. Let's get rolling.

I approve this message.

Welcome to any and all new nations! Feel free to check out our offsite forum to get more involved in regional government and culture:

Sprits in asgard

Hey Hey Hey! Now it's a party!

Yeah! Break out the kazoos!


Greetings people of whom i may know and may not know. I am Serenity Queen of the Universe!

Welcome Serenity! :P

The Holy Empire of Elemia hereby extends its greetings to its new neighbors. Mostly due to the protection against automatic telegrams that was promised (^_^)

Welcome Elemia! Glad you found us and glad to see you're getting involved on our forum.

Ambroscus koth

Thank god automatic telegrams are going to get banned soon. When you're in here, anyone who tries telegramming you will get banned for adspam. =P

The true swedes

Greetings neighbors :)

Hey True Swedes. Welcome to Asgard!

WA nations, please endorse our new WA Regional Delegate: Isle of mann.

Ambroscus koth

23 nations, moving along nicely. Keep truckin', soldiers.

lol congrats Morty, shortest average lifespan for the win...

Conservita victoria

Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen :D

WA nations, please endorse our new WA Regional Delegate: Jagermeister.

Also, sorry for the confusion regarding the WAD. As is often the case with new regions, some positions can change hands quickly. I'm very confident that Jagermeister will be our WAD for the long term, and he will also be able to more effectively recruit and welcome for the region as WAD. So thanks everyone for your cooperation!

I like to give a warm welcome to The Constitutional Monarchy of Taliathion, The Democratic States of The Mojave Brotherhood of Steel, The People's Republic of United states of turks, The Democratic States of Pauls Crib, The Dictatorship of Land Of Chubtub and The Empire of Schultonia, we are so happy to have you here in Asgard and I hope to see you on our off site forum located here:

Post self-deleted by Sacred Yggdrasil.

Yep, welcome to all new nations! Please feel free to ask me or Jagermeister if you have any questions.

Ambroscus koth

Alright, Morty's spiffy little flag is now official! Loving it.

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