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Robbaz king of sweden

Who wants to raid?

Post self-deleted by Sacred Yggdrasil.

Everybody. You should sign up for our forum here -- -- apply for citizenship, then sign up for the Asgard Imperial Armed Forces. Also, welcome.

I am home!

Glad to have you here Thor. Should you have any questions, please give me a shout. :)

Commander thor

Hey! I'm Supreme Commander Thor! :P

Good to see there is another person who recognizes Thor's relation to Asgard. :)

I hope you will decide to join our offsite forum! Here is the link

Greetings all!

Hey Mjolnirr! Welcome to Asgard.

I originally posted because I resurrected this nation from the boneyard.. It had not been used for 5 years.

Welcome back to the game!

I would like to welcome all new nations to Asgard! If you are interested in getting involved with your regions government we encourage you to register on our offsite forum located here: . Please contact Sacred Yggdrasil or myself, if you have any questions.


Hi Britton, welcome to Asgard! Let me know if you have any questions.

Not welcome back; I got this name which used to belong to someone else but has since been released back to the public and is now mine.

But thanks, all the same!

Oh I see. Well, nice catch! :P


Hello, I have just joined this region. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in my thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=182092

The united kingdom of great rettaine

Hello Asgard

Hello everyone, Welcome to Asgard! Be sure to check out our offsite forum!

Congrats to Casthor for having the most beautiful environment in Asgard. I'm #45, clearly I'm a litter bug. :D

All WA nations are requested to vote AYE on Repeal "Liberate The United Kingdom of Britain." The repeal of that Security Council resolution is badly needed to protect the region from Nazi invasion. Thank you!

Step one: Revive nation from the DEPTHS of NATION HELL
Step two: Follow Mr. Rinamir here for the hell of it
Step three: I'll upload a flag eventually. A nice flag.

First day in the region, I win the award (Most avoided).

This is a sign, guys. A sign that I rock.

Glad to have you here The holy twig. Be sure to ask if you need help with anything!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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